WATCH: Exclusive Raw Video Footage of Gen. Buhari At Scene of Bomb Attack

Shrapnel shattered vehicle

July 23, 2014


This raw footage from Dr. Peregrino Brimah of captured the attack Wednesday on opposition politician, General Muhammadu Buhari at Kawo market in Kaduna.

The ex-president can be seen disheveled in the video after he escaped his vehicle by the grace of God. People are shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and God save Buhari. Dozens of innocent passerbys were killed by the suicide bomber who tailed the Buhari convoy and finally caught up with them at the busy market, ramming into Buhari’s bomb proof vehicle and detonating hi explosive laden car.

Three of the General’s aides were injured in the attack. The attack came just two day after the General made widely publicized warning to the current president, that his desperate political adventures were leading Nigeria to anarchy and war.


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buhari excapes