EXPOSED: Daesh (Boko Haram) “Rocket Factory” Is In Govt. Tech College Bama


Boko Haram released propaganda pictures of its “rocket manufacturing” plant. The pictures do show the terrorists manufacturing deadly rockets in bulk, however the images also revealed the location of the plant.

The letters “G.T.C.B” could be seen in the background of one of the images.

G.T.C.B stands for “Government Technical College Bama.

Bama was overrun by the terrorists over a year ago, but the Nigerian government claimed to have recaptured it this year.

We are not sure if the plant is still located at the college in Bama and if Nigeria’s security forces know this. If not, they should of course upon reading this, head there.

It is likely the pictures were taken was made long ago as the terrorists continue to release old videos and pictures to further their propaganda agenda.

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