Eyewitness Account of the Radical Nigerian Govt Coldblooded Murder of Young Muslims During #ArbaeenTrek

#ArbaeenTrek Attack, Kano Axis:


-Khadeejah Umar Maigatari.

After the closing prayer was observed, my father summoned us together; but one of us (my younger brother) was nowhere to be found. My father tried to reach him on phone severally as we wait. I was wondering where could he be at this very moment that we are supposed to go home?

As we wait reluctantly for my brother to arrive, I noticed the arrival of a friend (those online friends, we were able to meet mostly during programs) who is also on his way back home; he greeted my father and we took few steps ahead. My father instructed that I don’t go far as my awaiting brother might show up any moment, lest not them wait for me again. I then nodded in affirmative!

Few minutes later, my phone rang and it was my father telling me that Abdulllah is here, and that I have to hurriedly catch them up at the waiting site. I hang off, wave good bye to the friend and we then took our separate ways! My father was waiting alongside all my siblings when I arrived.

Before I could took a breath, I just heard the buzzing of bullets as they past flew over my ears, uncountable and unimaginable number of them! The place was all a mess, children crying and looking for their parents, and mostly women trying to look for their young children. I then realized it all, the sudden arrival of the bloodthirsty western-saudi backed security forces, shooting incessantly all over the place. It appeared to me as if we were under siege.

I turned to my father, who hold my hand and that of my beloved siblings. He knew I was startled by then; and he looked into my eyes and told me to not fear a thing, as ‘nothing will happen to us God willing’! I could remember the absolute stand of one sister who was crying and calling on brothers to be like the 72 unshakable soldiers of Imam Husain in Karbala.

The shots were still incessant and my father hold our hands toward one nook along Al Mustapha University, not knowing there I will witness the most horrifying moment of my life. The bullet shots were intense, and my father instructed that we all lied down.

Buhari, El-Rufai said to be serving Saudi wahhabi sponsored agenda

As I turned to my right, I caught sight of one sister shot on her head, she fell down and was bleeding profusely. I was startled as like never before! I began to cry heavily, asking my father to help me save her life. “We should not allow her to die at our very watch”! My father stand up and I followed him, we reached her but the bullets shot were specially intense. I was crying, muttering that “Let them kill us together, we can never leave you alone dear sister. All power belong to Allah, and He is sufficient for us”!

The security forces were after us, I thought I was breathing my last.. Suddenly a brother appeared and wave at us from a distance and we then saw a way to keep her safe. I hurriedly took her while my father helped me as we run.

As we were running, we saw another sister again bleeding profusely from her cheeks, fortunately some sisters helped and carried her to a safe place (name withheld for security reasons).

I realized that both of them were alive, as they were still breathing. And I was trying to stop the bleeding, but I can still see the brain of the one shot at head flowing on the ground, and some part of it stuck on my clothes.

When I managed to stop the bleeding to some extent, I took my phone to call for further first aid, but the keypads were clotted hard by blood that they can’t even be pressed. I then continued to check their pulses.. Not long after I realized that the one bleeding from the cheeks is already dead. I now fully concentrate on the other one who was breathing heavily at that moment, there was no equipments at my disposal.

Not long enough, I came to realize that the other one I carried too has answered the glorious call of Almighty!!! We waited until were sure that both the two martyrs were taken by ISMA personnel.

Eternal peace of Allah be upon you all, the day you were born, the day you were martyred and the day you will be raised as oppressed. Eternal curse and damnation of Allah be on your killers.

-Khadeejah Umar Maigatari.

Police stationed to make the killings