#FactCheck: Asari Claims He Must Have Visa To Have Flown on $9.3M Arms Smugglers Flight To SA; How True?


Niger-Delta militant terrorist leader, Mujahid Asari Dokubo has claimed that to have been part of the smuggling mission who were caught with $9.3 million hard cash in South Africa on September 5th in Ayo Oritsejafor’s jet, meant for purchasing and smuggling arms; he would have needed a South Africa visa which he has not had since 2002.

We did a quick fact-check on this his defense. Our result – it is false.

Nigeria and South Africa according to this report in NationOnline, in June of 2013 signed a Visa waiver agreement for government delegates.

Nigeria, S/Africa approve visa waivers

 Nigeria and South Africa on Tuesday signed an agreement aimed at ending visa acquisition by holders of official and diplomatic passports. Ministers from both countries have been charged to ensure the effective implementation of the newly signed instruments and the conclusion of outstanding agreements. Both Presidents, Jacob Zuma and  Goodluck Jonathan met in Cape Town, South Africa where various issues were discussed on how to improve on relationship between both countries as they agreed on so many issues aimed at boosting development in the continent. Beside the  visas waiver agreement both countries also signed eight other bilateral agreements which include,  cooperation in legal field, oil and gas sectors, power sector development, environment,defence cooperation, women development and empowerment as well as child development. http://thenationonlineng.net/new/nigeria-safrica-approve-visa-waivers/

So contrary to Asari-Dokubo’s claims; though his passport(s) have not been examined to see the truth of his claim to actually not have a South Africa visa; he would be able to travel to South Africa with diplomatic documents which the Nigerian Presidency has likely given him as they conduct so many under-the carpet, illegal and crooked moves.

He in fact just flew to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj as a diplomatic delegate for Bayelsa State.