Total War On Masses: 7 Yrs For Facebook Criticism, While Corruption Bags Only 2

Dec. 4, 2013


The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from its government — Thomas Paine

Both major parties in the Nigerian legislature have hurriedly on first and second read, approved a new bill that threatens to dish out 7 year sentences for Nigerian masses who post “inciting” comments against the government on the social media. This news is relayed In DailyTrust on Dec. 4, 2013.

In flagrant repression of fundamental human rights; in radical truncation of the annals of our young democracy; in abject insult to logic and commonsense; in irrational repugnance to national peace and progress; in rapacious murder of conscience and morality, the Nigerian law makers, the highest paid in the world who pass the least bills in the world, are attempting to attack the last recourse of the disparaged, denied and denuded masses, while giving us in return, nothing of governance and only shame, retrogression, destitution and now silence.

If the Nigerian commoners will no longer be able:

To criticize the chairman of the ruling PDP party, Bamanga Tukur, for in May of 2012, proclaiming in violation of Nigeria’s Anti-Terrorism act, that: “Boko Haram is fighting for justice. Boko Haram is another name for justice;” and his remaining in seat as head, as against being tossed in jail for inciting and promoting terrorism and the support of terrorism against 160 million Nigerians.

To criticize the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for stating clearly that he knows the sponsors of Boko Haram. Admitting that they are politicians and promising Nigeria since May 2012 that he will expose them. Since then over 2600 innocent Nigerians have died and over 400 serving brave military men and women have also died, yet the sponsors remain free. And declare without fear that by aiding and abetting and protecting the sponsors of terror and those behind the death of many and the grieving of many more, President Jonathan is GUILTY!

To criticize the president for dragging his feet in sending Stella Oduah to jail; as well punishing her incriminated co-conspirator, Coscharis motors.

To criticize the government for permitting the rogue, Farouk Lawan, ‘caught on tape accepting bribe:’ continue to insult our collective intelligence, by remaining a paid legislator, and free with continuously adjourned trials.

To criticize the Bayelsa state government, for investing up to 5 million dollars of our money as a nation, in a coterie’s account and Benin Republic’s economy, in the “training” of students in a scam; a process and figure of our wealth that could have built a better varsity in Bayelsa and supported our hotels, our caterers and our educators in a patriotic, nation building process.

To criticize the Federal “government” for strangling the nation to support the Dangote cement oligopoly and then allowing itself to be cheaply blackmailed by said Dangote—via repetitive threats to close his facilities and force unemployment any time the nation allows competitors import cement or asks him to reduce the price, now sold to masses at double the global price so they cannot afford to build houses or even rebuild their houses that got destroyed in the ‘government’ negligent floods.

To criticize the Federal ‘government’ of Nigeria for spending 3 trillion of our wealth in ‘refurbishing’ the PHCN, to then go and sell it to the cabal for a paltry 400 billion. And the government for the continuous ‘privatization’ scam, which merely transfers the nations assets to make the cabal stinking rich and cement the unprotected Nigerians into a life of poverty via oligopolistic exploitation by the insatiable cabal.

To criticize the federal government of Nigeria, for not only harboring oil subsidy thieves and vagabonds, but again permitting grand intercontinental robbery of the wealth of the nation in 7bn dollar humongous NNPC-Swiss oil baron alleged scams. And then the ‘government’ refusing to promptly and exigently respond to the call by the Switzerland government to join them in investigating this hole that feeds the cabal from the suffering of our people in what the Berne declaration tagged the “Greatest fraud in Africa.”

To criticize the government for the intractable ASUU academic strike, after the ‘government’ reneged on their promise to the dignified educators of us all.

To criticize the government for imposing all sorts of siphons on the masses, from ‘subsidy’ removal, to higher tariffs on importation of used cars in a pseudo-ban, to plans to add road use taxes for the no-roads we ply and die on.

To criticize the government for employing unrepentant terrorists who are yet to sign Nigeria’s amnesty program, thus officially placing them as enemy combatants against the federal republic of Nigeria. And undermining of our national military, who are underfunded and unable to engage the terrorists in our north-east properly, while these so-called ex-militants are pumped billions to insecure the Niger Delta. The region now reporting the highest levels of oil theft and vandalism in history. The region now bitterly plagued and unprotected with oil spills that promise centuries of cancer and painful harrowing deaths from pollution most vicious to old and young, the most vulnerable from carbon poisoning.

To criticize the ‘government’ for economic terrorism, in the continuous, colossal, behemothic, humongous and nefarious direct looting of our treasury by all arms of ‘government’ who are proud to promote and sustain a state of national epic destitution, with our numbers of destitute rising through the Obasanjo’s era, from 2004 rates of 50 million destitute to the current levels of 100 million destitute and 112 million total poor.

To criticize the scared government for being able to successfully only process such a bill restricting and imprisoning the robbed masses, whereas so many more critical bills to punish political and government treacherous are never proposed, passed or applied.

“Incite” in the bill, being a vague word that can be translated to mean literally anything.

Then we the people will INCITE disproportionate and colossal civil disobedience against the ‘government’ of Nigeria and their entire coterie of criminal friends, in Nigeria and abroad.

We will provoke and promote civil protests within the nation and at all Nigeria’s embassies abroad.

We will consult and assist all international bodies and governments in apprehending this civilian-clad military fascist junta that denies us the rights and rewards of democracy, but yet rides on the very democracy.

We will invoke our lawyers in the pursuit of not only justice and the protection of the fundamental human rights of free speech under a democratic government, but also in the prosecution of all criminals, thieves and inebriated kleptocratic drunkards who rule on a nation they were elected and appointed into office to serve.

We will rather die fighting and serve our seven years than be sentenced to a torturous life of silence, a reproach one of ours, Dr. Emmanuel Fashakin, has already tasted (for Facebook comments … he was saved being an American citizen by American government intervention), while our corrupt officials are set to bag a maximum of 2 years sentence for economic terrorism, which they will never be arrested for.

For the Bible hath said, that “A righteous man falling down before the wicked is like a muddied spring and a polluted fountain!” Proverbs 25:26 And the Noble Prophet of Islam hath declared the Greatest Jihad: “The best Jihad is to speak a word of truth to a tyrant ruler.” –Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

We will not be muddied springs, nor shy away for the honor of true Jihad.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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