First World Problems: Viral Food Brawl Over Salsa Wrecks Dallas Eatery (VIDEO)

First world problems. A massive late-night fight, apparently over chips and salsa, devastated a Dallas restaurant and subsequently warmed the internet.

The brawl-vid is peaking at more than 2 million Facebook views and generating some spicey comment too. Here’s when it starts.

Stage two – shouting and chair throwing, bystanders exit scene.

The fight kicked off around 2.30 a.m. at the El Paisano Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

The problem? “chips were $5 and they wanted green salsa instead of red,” according to witness Isael Rojas, who filmed the heated moment. But this was clearly more than just a food fight.

You can catch five minutes of fury right here.

No arrests were made, according to the Daily Mail, but one thing is for sure, customers may want to get their orders right next time. –RT

Pic © Lenny Brook / YouTube