Florida Airport Shooter Told FBI Intelligence Agents Were Compelling Him To Fight For ISIS

  • Was he another FBI patsy or just a lone wolf?

by Kelen McBreen, IW

Esteban Santiago has been identified by NBC News as the gunman who shot around twenty people, killing at least five, at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

CBS News sent out a tweet claiming the suspected shooter told the FBI last year that he was forced to fight for ISIS.

Wear your Tin hat, because Santiago actually went to report to the FBI that an intelligence agency was pressuring him to fight for ISIS. By ‘coincidence’ a large number of terrorist suspects have contact with western intelligence agencies prior to their action, like the Boston bombers and the London stabbers.

CNN reported:

He visited the FBI’s Anchorage, Alaska, office a few months ago and told them an intelligence agency was telling him to watch ISIS videos, according to law enforcement officials.

The officials said Santiago’s associates were concerned because he said he was hearing voices; they had accompanied him to the FBI office in Anchorage.


We recently reported how the Obama administration along with Gulf states and Turkey created, funded and armed ISIS/Daesh, a “Salafist principality” being used to attempt to remove Assad in Syria.

Below is an image of the alleged shooter:

More photos of the shooter can be seen on his Instagram page.

A video sent out on Twitter shows a handgun on the ground that may or may not have been used in the attack.

As with all terrorists, he was young typically under 30:

GotNews gives: In 2007, someone using the username “Naota33”, the same as Santiago’s e-mail, posted on an explosives and weapons forum on a thread about mass-downloading propaganda videos from Islamic terrorists:



“Naota33” comments that “the first link is the only one that works”, indicating he tried to download multiple videos of radical Islamic jihadist propaganda online.

So: Why has this individual been able to freely travel across state lines, fly in an airplane and still have a military ID on his person?

Could he be another FBI patsy?

Considering the man had left Anchorage, Alaska after receiving psychiatric treatment due to what he told the FBI, the intelligence agency should have been monitoring his activities.

The FBI has a history of setting people up with the necessary tools to commit crimes or even terror attacks.