Forbes Ranks Putin The Most Powerful Man In The World


For the second year in a row, the president of Russia, Vladmir Putin has been ranked as the most powerful person in the planet.

Defeating Barack Obam of the USA who came in as the second most powerful man and Xi Jinping, the premier of China who came in as number three and is described as the most powerful Chinese ruler since Mao Zedong, Forbes had this to say about Vladmir Putin, #1:

“We took some heat last year when we named the Russian President as the most powerful man in the world, but after a year when Putin annexed Crimea, staged a proxy war in the Ukraine and inked a deal to build a more than $70 billion gas pipeline with China (the planet’s largest construction project) our choice simply seems prescient. Russia looks more and more like an energy-rich, nuclear-tipped rogue state with an undisputed, unpredictable and unaccountable head unconstrained by world opinion in pursuit of its goals.”

Putin is currently on top of global headlines for leading the world in a comprehensive and reasonable war against Daesh terror.

Others who made the list of the world’s most powerful 25 were Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khameni who came in at #19. Narendra Modi of India.

Boko Haram facebook
Mark facebook

Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook at #22.

Pope Francis who has been an outstanding Catholic Church leader ranked #4.

Angela Merkel of Germany, a strong German chancellor came in at #5.

Janet Yellen was another lady featured at #6.

The two Koch brothers were on the list as numbers 24 and 25.

Ali Khameni
Ali Khameni

Many on the list were billionaires, all self made. These included Carlos Slim of Mexico, Bill Gates, a regular on the list, Warren Buffet. The King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al (#11) and Google CEO Sergey Brin, #9, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, #16.

England’s David Cameron also made the list.