Former Spokesperson For Nigeria’s Department Of State Security Marilyn Ogar Fired

Marilyn Ogar

The former spokesperson for the Department of State Security, Marilyn Ogar, has been compulsorily retired from the agency effective from yesterday. Ms. Ogar was told to leave the force yesterday via a retirement letter dispatched to her and several others by the new leadership of the agency. She is being forced out of the agency 7 years before she is due for retirement.

 A source at the agency told Saharareporters that several high profile officers of the DSS have been sent packing as the new director of the agency, Musa Daura, decided he wants to reorganize the agency.

During her stint as the spokesperson, Ms. Ogar, frequently got involved in political matters, her actions portrayed the agency as a partisan government agency especially as she frequently told lies against opposition parties and individuals during her highly cerebral press conferences.

Early this year Ms. Ogar was also accused of receiving bribes from the Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC) to supply lorryloads of Dual Purpose Kerosene shortly before gubernatorial elections in Osun state

Ms. Ogar was removed and also demoted as the spokesperson in July shortly after President Muhammad Buhari appointed Mr. Daura to head the organization.