Four men drugged their wives and shared them with each other to fulfil sick fantasies

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Four men have pleaded guilty to drugging their wives and sharing them around so they could “fulfill their wife-sharing fantasies”.

The men, from Singapore, were said to have filmed the creepy acts.

The men – identified by code letters K, 45; L, 53; M, 45; and N, 37 – were put under a court gag order to keep the wives’ anonymity.

Out of the four, K and M are expecting to be given between 19 and 23 years in jail – and 24 strokes with a cane. N is expecting to be locked up for between 17 and 21 years, and the same 24 cane whips too.

The latter, L, is thought to only be getting between 11 and 16.5 years in prison, with a possible six-month extension being added on instead of the classic canning.

A fifth man, known as J, 41, is expected to be given a long sentence for being one of the “key men” in the incidents, although local media has not yet clarified if he was directly involved in the sexual assaults.

The attacks took place between 2010 and 2018, after the men met on an online forum called SammyBoy.

J, who gave the men the drugs, sourced the sleeping pill Dormicum for the men to use.

The gang was exposed when J’s wife saw graphic images of her on her husband’s phone, which he had sent to K during a conversation about “exchanging wives” with her.

One of the men, M, livestreamed and recorded the acts he committed on the other men’s wives for them to watch.

Another man, P, who was jailed earlier this year, ended up failing in his rape attempts after L’s wife woke up despite the drugging. He is currently spending three years in prison.

Another man, known as O, pleaded not guilty and is contesting the charges against him.

Sentencing is due to take place early next year.