Fully Vaccinated Man is First Omicron Death Reported in Israel

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As the world main stream media seems on a race to malign and slander the vaccine hesitant or unable, it becomes imperative for News Rescuers to balance out the facts and illustrate the puerility of the harmful, arm-chair journalistic, Bill pharma fanatic promotion campaign of the main stream media.

We reported earlier that the so-called first Omicron case in the UK promoted by the main stream media was fake news.

Now let’s balance the ‘race to malign’ with the news of the reported first Omicron death out of Israel.

TRTWorld reports:

Israel reports first known death from Omicron variant

“Israel has recorded its first known death from the Omicron variant of Covid-19, according to Israeli news media which reported that an elderly man died in Beersheba.

“The patient died at Soroka Medical Center and had pre-existing conditions, according to the Times of Israel and Ynet news reports on Tuesday.

“The two news agencies both said he was over 60 and had received two vaccine doses but not a third booster shot.”


According to December 24th Ychart updates, Israel only has a 63% fully vaccinated rate. A first death in the fully vaccinated is significant because a whole 40% are unvaccinated and did not die first – well, in the childish and dangerous thinking of the main stream media.

Our World in data has the same rate:

Propaganda Reportage

It is sadly interesting to note that while the main stream media jumps to slam a perfectly healthy bill of health on a false report of a so-called first case in the UK, even though the false report had the man in his eighties; when it comes to the first report in Israel in a fully vaccinated, the same media arm rushes – even in its headline– to say ‘it is not clear what he died of…bla bla…he had pre-existing conditions bla bla.’

Truth is essential in building trust of systems and interventions including vaccination. That’s where NewsRescue and other non-aligned media come in.