So Ghana Will Be Exporting Electricity To Nigeria?

October 03, 2014.


By: OluFamous

Our leaders have really failed us in this country called Nigeria. When I was growing up, Ghana folks were like servants in my area, but today they are like our big brother. How come Ghana is achieving these basic things but all we are hearing in Nigeria from Federal and States governments are promises?

As you read this, Ghana is planning to export thousands of megawatts of electricity to Ivory Coast and our country, Nigeria. Ghanaian President, John Mahama, who made the disclosure at the Africa Global Business and Economic Forum in Dubai on Wednesday, further stated that:

“We have given priority to electricity generation in our country [Ghana]. We have prioritised energy in such a way that we want to become the hub for power production in West Africa. We want to generate electricity to the point that excess power can be exported to Nigeria, Ivory Coast and other countries that have power deficit… Creating the right environment that will attract foreign direct investment is key.”

Since 1986 NEPA has been failing us. Now, Ghana will export electricity to Nigeria? *covers face*