Global Used Clothes Drive For Millions Of Boko Haram Displaced Victims


We are coordinating a global used clothes drive for the displaced millions of victims of Boko Haram terror in Nigeria. No less than 2 million people have been displaced since 2009. According to the United Nations, 60,000 children will be born in displaced camps across Nigeria. Over half of the displaced victims are children, many orphaned, many injured in one form or the other. They ran with only the clothes on their backs. They don’t have a means of livelihood. They are too many for the government to cater to.

ENDS, a registered charity organization is coordinating a global clothes drive. We will be collecting clothes in US, UK, Nigeria and wherever else as we get volunteers and donors. We will coordinate with IDPs Support Group and other partners.

See video of our past clothes donations:

Dr. Brimah at IDP camp
Dr. Brimah at IDP camp

With your generosity we will be making container loads to Nigeria. Already, merely initiating, the donations have started coming from friends and family.

Mohammed Sabo Keana, one of us collecting in Abuja area said, “They need everything you don’t need, shoes, school bags, toys, suit cases…”

If you wish to volunteer to collect clothes where you are, please email info or for any other inquiries and methods to donate, etc.

To donate, you can go to . Email info for other Nigeria donation information.

 US donations, please contact Dr. Peregrino Brimah 1-888-737-7963 to arrange pickup.

Nigeria, contact Mohammed Sabo Keana +234 8060029996 and also Baba Aliko +234 80123085907. Email info to get names of others in your area.

Please share our flier on Whassap and other fora [] and download and print our PDF fliers to leave at joints. []

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian