Google hiding websites of Trump and other Biden challengers – report

Lazy eyes listen


According to a research released on Thursday by the Media Research Center, Google is blocking all significant competitors to Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign websites.

According to the MRC, searching the web for ‘presidential campaign websites’ showed results that did not include a single Republican candidate on the first page the day before the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 season.

According to the media watchdog, not even former US President Donald Trump, who is polling neck and neck with Biden, appeared on the first few pages of results.

Neither did Democratic rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the main threat to Biden’s campaign from inside his own party, appear in the results, despite polling at almost 20% in a showdown with Biden.

Indeed, Marianne Williamson, a lifestyle guru who has never polled beyond the low single digits, was the only non-Biden Democrat to make the front page.

However, prominent Democrats who are not running for president in 2024, such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, were featured prominently in the results, ranking 29th, 12th, and 9th, respectively.

Google has erased every threat to Joe Biden,” MRC Free Speech America VP Dan Schneider said on Thursday, recalling how Google had “pulled out all the stops to put Hillary Clinton in the White House” and “has continued to interfere in our elections ever since.” 

As of Saturday, the situation appeared to have become worse. While Biden’s site was ranked fourth and Williamson’s was ranked fifth, Sanders remained ranked 12th and Clinton had risen to 13th.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s website was the highest-ranking Republican in a Saturday morning search, though it was several places behind an Atlantic article informing casual browsers that 1996 Republican candidate and now-deceased former Senator Bob Dole’s campaign website “is still online.”

For his work on vaccine safety, Kennedy has been widely criticized by the media establishment and online factcheckers. He sued Google earlier this month for infringing on his First Amendment rights, claiming that its subsidiary YouTube had restricted his content based on court orders.