Governor Kashim Shettima, The Goodluck Jonathan of the North East

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima

by Abubakar Abdallah

– Accidental (through bullet discharge) gubernatorial candidate

– Accidental state chief executive (through mass rigging by a godfather)

– A bonafide godfatherism beneficiary of governance with no robust antecedents in leadership delivery

– A godson who rebelled against his godfather but decided to be worse than him

shettima heads roll – An incompetent state chief executive

– Accidental imposition of preferred deputy, through surprising death of former deputy they both were at odds with

– Accidental purchase of all quality property in Borno thanks to Boko Haram terror fears

– Full of excuses, with a long list of challenges but no solutions

– Selected arrested Boko Haram member as Religious Affairs commissioner and blamed predecessor for making him do it

– Admitted to know sponsors of Boko Haram but kept quiet as he said he did not want their heads to roll

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