Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai’s Dance of Obscenity, by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta

by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta

A video in circulation, purportedly shot in Kaduna, which shows Nasir El-rufai dancing in the midst of women, only exposed further, the obscene side of our leaders who claimed to be upright in their dealings with the govern.

Governor el-Rufai Grooves Heavily In Mixed Jam Party

Posted by NewsRescue on Friday, February 19, 2016

Nasir El-rufai became popular during the reign of former president of Nigeria, chief Olusegun Obasanjo who at the time introduced Nasir El-rufai and appointed him minister of the federal capital territory (FCT).

Nasir El-rufai is many names to many people, even though El-rufai was proud to refer to himself as among the young TURKS, who were seen as the young leaders in Obasanjo’s government, he was in another clime referred to as ‘above the law’ because of his flat insult to various court orders.

Nasir is known to have brought down a house of a judge to the ground during the reign of Obasanjo, this is in violation of a substantive court order that freezed any action by the government or its agents and privies of which Nasir belonged.

Nasiru’s  desecration of court orders and rulings made many of us at that time to think of how the downtrodden, in which way the poor and the masses will get justice for any of Nasiru’s injustices that may pass through their midst. He was furious and above the law. Though, many people were happy of his action at that time because many of the people affected were seen to have used illegal means to secure and acquire properties in high brow areas in the capital territory.

Nasir El-rufai was used by Obasanjo to hunt opponents by destroying their properties in Abuja and equally scare the hell out of any intending opponents of any intended action that may be against the interest of Obasanjo and by extensions the interest of the government.

Nasir El-rufai was brutal to the capitalists of which he was one, after knowing their secrets, El-rufai was everywhere as the federal capital territory minister, he was unforgiving and in some instance very selfish, this is because he was only against those people who are against the interest of the government he served. He was always with the capitalists before he switched side when Muhammad Buhari stands for election the fourth time. Though, nobody knew of his plan and intention of switching side to the side of Muhammad Buhari whom he maligned and insulted at the time of his reign in People Democratic party PDP.

rufai danceToday, people are caged as to how El-rufai became the darling of Muhammad Buhari, it seems, from all indication, El-rufai has bewitched president Muhammad Buhari as to the how and when did Nasir penetrates the heart of Buhari and been allowed the exclusive right to do and undo as he wished in Kaduna state.

El-rufai is seemed to many as been revolutionary in Kaduna state, this is because of his demolitions (his trademark) of structures in portions of government plots within schools environments and other government reserved areas of the state. Before he became the governor of Kaduna state, he uses his Facebook account to disparaged people who were once his political friends, this shows that Nasir is nobody’s friend and is nobody’s enemy, he was only concerned with his interest and that of his family. He was once accused of allocating expensive plots of land to some of his family members, and as a young Turk he was never concern of all the brouhaha in circulation.

Then, the video in circulation further exposed the bad side of Nasir El-rufai. As a leader, a governor, under the prudent government of change more is expected and Nasiru is no exception. People were stunt after watching the video in which Nasir dance to the played song of Rarara “masu gudu su gudu” meaning those who want to run should squarely run. This is in reference to the winning of Muhammad Buhari as an elected president of Nigeria.

Nasir was dancing and women were rubbing to spray money on him during this dance of shame, he was very happy dancing to the tune, but to my and many others understanding, El-rufai was only playing the card of eye service, he knew that the video may reach the viewing of the president, and believed the president in person of Muhammad Buhari will be happy with all the support he is getting from the ‘naked dancer of the club’, a new name given to him by the people, others seems to have a different view that Nasiru is now a dancer in the market place.

It is a big shame for any Nigerian leader now to dance in El-rufai’s steps, while many people are being killed in northern Nigeria, the dollar is sky rocketing and people are lacking food to eat, Nasiru El-rufai is now dancing on the grave of the innocents and the most annoying part is the half naked women seen to throw out money at will towards his direction.

Many people have insinuated that, the place was crowded by his family members, but the question many are asking is, why would Nasiru El-rufai dance infront of his grown up family members ? Female members.

He was acrobatic with the dance, a shameful dance, a dance of the millennium. We Nigerians expects more from Nasiru El-rufai, than a dance in market place. How we wished it was a dance to the commissioning of a two kilometres bridge built by his government, or a dance to a social welfare services package to the people.

El-rufai is a Muslim, and Islamic religious doctrines prohibits Muslims men from mingling with the women folks, and on common sense basis, El-rufai should have been a man rather than a woman, while dancing is for the women, the men are known to stand and look and that is what El-rufai supposed to have done.

His excellency, Nasir El-rufai should continue to dance, but should dance to the tune of change, for Nigeria is a country on the total brinks, it needs bridges not dancers.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Danbatta
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