‘Groups’ Buy N100m Presidency form For NWO Global Reset, WEF Man and AfDB President, Adesina Who Pushed Bill Gates’ Toxic GMOs on Nigeria

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Nigeria’s Presidency elections 2023 circus just got even more interesting. Just after Nigeria Delta terrorists came out to support the campaigns of world most crooked central bank governor Emefiele, known for making the naira more worthless than tissue paper and Greedy Mr. life Ambition Tinubu, Sahara Reporters reports that one of Klaus Schwab’s Nigerian agents is being propelled by “groups” for the top job:

Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina with Bill Gates

The President of African Development Bank, Dr Akinwunmi Adesina, may soon join the 2023 presidential race after some groups obtained the N100million nomination and expression forms for him under the platform of the All Progressive Congress.

The former Minister of Agriculture on Saturday reportedly received his forms from a coalition of 28 groups consisting of Youth Arise Movement, Nigerians in Diaspora One Nigeria Group, Prudent Youth Association of Nigeria, women groups, farmers, people with disabilities and other civil society groups, which raised the N100million fee to purchase the forms for the former minister.

The coalition is led by the head, One Nigeria Group, Mohammed Saleh.

The payment acknowledgement slip as seen by Punch on Saturday carried Adesina’s name as the recipient of the forms.


WEF, Bill Gates’ and Monsanto’s Man

Akinwunmi Adesina is remembered for pushing toxic modified Monstanto seeds under a Bill Gates program on Nigerian farmers as being part of Bill Gates’ global control quest, with the farmer project set up to make farmers dependent on the NWO for new seeds as the genetically modified seeds cannot be replanted.

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The New World Order, NWO, Global reset project gets human beings to own nothing and subscribe for everything including seeds, utilities, gadgets and finally even their own health, depending on vaccines monthly to stay alive and have an immunity.

The WEF has educated agents it breeds and props to take over all country governments over time. France’s Macron, Canada’s Trudeau are some popularly known apprentices of the organisation.

Adesina is WEF agent in Nigeria poised to submit Nigeria to Klaus Schwab’s world domination order

Dr. Adesina is feared to be an agent being raised to achieve the same result in Nigeria enforcing the Beast 666, “subscribe your soul” agenda upon Nigeria.

Watch entire video to learn more:

At 3.26 minutes to learn about the WEF “Young Leaders Program” that initiates members like Adesina to take over country governments and submit them to Klaus Schwab:

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