Groups Frown at Lagos State Government’s Plan to Fund Corrupt Abubakar Audu Kogi Election

Abubakar Audu

The call by Local Government Council areas in Lagos state to contribute N50million each to fund Kogi State Governorship election, following the reluctance by the Governors of the All Progressive Congress to contribute N100million each has received bashing from coalition of civil societies and well meaning Lagosians.

The decision to forcefully task the twenty local government Areas to contribute the sum of N1billion came under attack at separate press conferences addressed by Tunde Babarinsa, Chairman Coalition of Civil Societies, Lagos State and Alabi Oyewole, Representatives of well meaning Lagosians.

The groups at the press conferences, held in Lagos lamented the over bearing burden placed on the local councils over an election that does not have bearing with the state.

It would be recalled that the 23 state governors of the APC had refused the call for them to contribute N100million each as mandatory contribution to fund the Kogi State Governorship election.

The governors at their forum in Abuja, frowned at the “unhealthy contribution” on the premise that they have several financial burdens to shoulder in their various states, even as they faulted the mandatory contribution in this period of dwindled allocations when they are unable to meet their obligations to workers in their states.

One of the governors was quoted saying that N100million would go a long way in assisting them meet some important responsibilities in their respective states, rather than contributing to a state election where the candidate is alleged to be unpopular and was reluctant to issues of the party until he became a flag bearer.

It would be recalled that the governments of Oyo, Osun and Kwara states are owing workers salaries, even with the bailout the states got from the Federal Government, thus making their State governors and others to backout from the forceful contribution.

The Kogi State Governorship Election is slated for November between Capt Idris Wada of the PDP and Prince Abubakar Audu, of the APC.

Consequently, the Lagos councils were further tasked to fund the Kogi Election following the reluctance and refusal by the APC governors to raise funds for the campaign. The contribution according to Babarinsa is on and to be completed before October 31.

Alleging that poaching resources from the Lagos treasury to fund election in other states had become a merchandise for the merchants of political trade who double as the end beneficiaries of the spoils from the tolls from other lands, they called on the EFCC and other anti graft agencies to beam their searchlight on the finances of Lagos State, with the view to protecting the people’s commonwealth.

He subsequently called on the relevant authorities to stop the APC from milking Lagos dry.