Gumi Chides Zakzaky: Says Processions Blocking Traffic Cannot Be Righteous Or Responsible

By Luka Binniyat

KADUNA — An Islamic scholar, Sheik Abubakar Gumi, has accused the Head of the Shiite Islamic sect in Nigeria, Mallam Ibraheem El-Zakzakky, of being a bad influence on fellow Muslims in the country, saying that he was a candidate for hell unless he repented.

Sheikh Gumi

Gumi said in a condolence letter to El-Zakzakky over the reported recent killing of his three children in Kaduna yesterday that he (El-Zakzakky) had introduced a lot of bad innovations among Nigerian Muslims, adding that rather than unite, such bad influences were dividing the Islamic faithful.

The letter read in part: “After registering my condolences on the recent loss of your three children, who were gunned down by some elements in the military, I find it an obligation to help you see that some of your actions too are the contributing factors in this unfortunate avoidable tragedy.

“What I fear most for you and your followers is that the consequence of this tragedy may further alienate your group from the mainstream society and create a cult—if it is not already one — with disastrous consequences on you, your followers and the nation at large. For you especially, on the Day of Judgment you will have your account to answer.


Bad innovations

“My brother, you have brought a lot of bad innovations among Nigerian Muslims that rather than unite, the Muslims are further entrenching the divide without any added value to the worldly development nor the hereafter, but rather with serious theological implications in the hereafter.

“What triggered my attention to your group now is the most recent close encounter I had with a procession of your followers on the highway from Kano to Zaria yesterday (December 8, 2014) on my way to Dutse (Jigawa State). About four to six thousand youths and children trekking long distance for hours. I gave a two-hour lecture in Dutse and met them still trekking on my way back.

“I cannot understand under which civil or religious law you have the right and liberty to block one side of the double carriage road forcing motorists to cramp each other dangerously on one lane. If your action is to propagate your creed, I am telling you, you will only attract the poor, young ignorant miscreants of the society. Never the sane except of course the disgruntled.

Delinquency of your followers

“The delinquency of your followers and the disturbance of public peace is what makes you and them an easy target of the authority. This is happening when you can as well do very well without such unscrupulous public misbehaviour. Disruption of traffic flow is in fact a sign of unfaithfulness and lack of civilization.”

“You are blocking roads and forcing vehicles to dangerously face each other on one lane displaying arrogance and lawlessness. Young men brandishing knives and unsheathed swords, beating their chest, carrying inciting placards and chanting hate songs.

“How can you be the good servants of Allah when you are exactly opposite of what the Quran described them?

“My Brother, you have already lost three children on this path to perdition and shirk, so please repent and do not capitalise on the ignorance of our gullible youths to mislead them. If you don’t correct them now, when you die, Allah will not forgive you for whatever deviation they may add to yours.

“That they may bear their burdens entirely on the day of resurrection and also of the burdens of those whom they lead astray without knowledge; now surely evil is what they bear.”

“My Brother, I write you this open letter for others also not necessarily in your sect to get admonition. It is never intended to trigger a sectarian argument. It is about public order and mannerism.

“May Allah guide us all to his pleasure and give us the courage to revert to the truth and what is righteous.”

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