Gun WAS found near body of former Clinton aide, new report says

President William J. Clinton
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More information about the suicide of a former aide to President Bill Clinton has emerged, dispelling some doubts about whether he committed suicide.

The investigation’s preliminary report, which was recently released, determined that Mark Middleton, a 59-year-old former Clinton aide, committed suicide in 2007.

Despite several signs of suicide, some people remained skeptical that Middleton had committed suicide for one major reason: the report made no mention of a gun anywhere near Middleton’s body. In fact, the report, written by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson, who investigated the scene, stated that “three boxes of 12GA buckshot” were discovered in the trunk of Middleton’s abandoned SUV, but “no weapon.” Many media outlets, including TheBlaze, reported that the suicide weapon had not been recovered due to the glaring omission.

However, additional “papers” obtained by the Daily Mail reveal that a weapon was indeed found near the body. In these papers, Perry County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Keenan Carter stated that a Stoeger 12-gauge coach gun was discovered approximately 30 feet from Middleton’s body.

Carter and his law enforcement colleagues believe Middleton arrived at the Heifer Ranch, about 30 miles from his home in Little Rock, on May 7, 2022, with the intent of killing himself. He found a vantage point with a view of a valley, dragged a bench to a nearby tree, and wrapped one end of an extension cord around a branch and the other around his neck. Around 9:30 a.m., he sent a heartbreaking text message to his wife, Rhea: “I’m going to take a break. You make an excellent mother and wife, babe. Please enjoy yourself today and get some sun. It will lift your spirits. I adore you.”

After sending the message, Middleton allegedly stood atop the bench, positioned the gun so that the barrel was pointing at his chest, and pulled the trigger with his left index finger. The blast caused the extension cord to tighten like a noose around his neck. The gun also fell far from the body “due to the recoil from the discharge and the height and angle of the ground,” according to Carter’s report.

The small amount of blood found on Middleton’s body suggested that he died quickly. He was apprehended about two hours after texting his wife. There were no signs of foul play, according to police, and Coroner Theodore Brown ruled his death a suicide.

During the early 1990s, Middleton served as Clinton’s special assistant. Middleton granted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein access to the White House on seven of his at least 17 visits. According to flight logs, Middleton also boarded Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” plane, which transported a number of high-profile figures to an island where many of them sexually assaulted underage girls.

Middleton left the Clinton White House in 1995, and soon after, rumors circulated that he had used his position of power to impress business associates. Middleton has denied the allegations. He eventually returned to Little Rock, Arkansas, and began working for his family’s HVAC company.

Middleton was survived by his wife and two daughters, Lindsay, 18, and Lauren, 20. Middleton, according to his family, had struggled with depression prior to his death.