Happy Children Day

by Samuel Olanrewaju Bill,

Happy children day to all my co-children all over the world! May you all live long in good heath and prosperity!

Who are children?
1- A young human who is not an adult, if you are below 18 years! HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!

2- A son or daughter of any age(Adult children) so if you are a son or daughter to a parent most especially if you parent is still alive! HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!

3-Adult who behaves like a child and is not mature or responsible, if you are still sagging your trouser at 30, tattooing your body at 40, adult male punching ears, arguing unnecessary, keeping malice, beating woman, flying your collar, wearing jeans and polo to cooperate occasion/events, posting nonsense on facebook, fightings. Etc! HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!

4-Adult who do something expected from a child, if your boy/girl friend, hubby/wife is calling you baby and you answered ‘yes dear’ , if you are still sucking breast, if you always fighting your boy/man to buy you for ice cream, salad, fried rice and chicken, a man that still fight/compete with his children for his wife’s breast! HAPPY CHILDREN DAY.

5-If you can not reason and do something on your own in a different way, imitating, photocopying, copy and paste, then HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!

Which number did you fall to? HAPPY CHILDREN DAY my co-children!!! Let’s meet at stadium, baby pool, garden, amusement park, zoo, cinema, shopping mall, hypermarkets, restaurants, fast foods most important if you have beautiful toys around you kindly ping me ASAP!

Samuel Olanrewaju Bill(STAR)
[email protected]