The Nigerian Lawmakers Pension; An Attribute of the Heartless

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

In the last few years that swung away, they claimed to have spent a total of N600 billion for one thing or the other of theirs, amongst was ‘CONSTITUANCY PROJECT’.

First, don’t forget that we Nigerians paid all their bills; these include among others: their salaries, travelling and hotel bills, cars,houses, ooh, not to forget girls and booze.

They further claimed to have passed less than 200 bills into law, they include amongst them many groups of selfish individuals that includes  ‘the integrity group’ and many more and their only target was self enrichment, so as to marry more wives…that is for the heart bearers among them, but for the Heartless,they can adulterate our children, drink beer and talk stupidly on our radio, televisions and newspapers.

Many bills passed by our outgoing Nigerian Lawmakers are base on agendas that are selfish, self centered, un-Nigerian and for many it is personal gain. Additionally, many amongst them did not say a word for the past four years, they cant speak English, those are the behind the scene masters, they handle politics, they only know how to incite one another in their midst, their only target is to get the majority for one or more of bills they sponsored for selfish gain, regional or religious advantage. Many of these illiterates are from northern Nigeria, they are usually arrogant, self centered. Don’t forget the pressure group we talked of earlier, they usually represent groups and Corporations interest.

We elected them to represent us at the National stage,but they end up representing themselves and their cronies owning big corporations and banking big-big dollars, they willed everything to their children who studied abroad and regarded as first class,forgetting to return our share. They believed they are the chosen ones,that we the rest are slaves, we only ought to be lead, forgetting that we Nigerians are determined people, we can shock absorbed any of their self made calamities, we always survived, but never again,the road has ended and justice is near with the new inn coming government of change.

We dumped them at the election time,even though many of them still shared part of the ill-gotten money,stolen money, as a bribe to buy our conscience,these monies must be retrieved or else we trek it out, from Lagos to Maiduguri to Sokoto then back to Enugu before coming back to Yobe then go back to Imo and come back to Kaduna and enter Niger via Cameroon and Chad and continuously into the Sambisa forest, the Falgore forest, infact, all forest in Nigeria will register our presence if our money is not retrieve by the inn coming government of change.

They shamelessly begged us over the radio for our votes, ‘please vote for me’ without any iota of shame they think we are scooter that need to be ridden on all the time.

They usually live in Europe or Americas, like the Doyin Okupes and that London taxi driver.They only show us their faces when it is election time,they lived out of Nigeria for the past five or ten years (this is why a bill must be sponsored to bar anyone standing for elective post in Nigeria if he fails to live in Nigeria continually for five years and above) but only to come looking and begging to be elected Senator or honourable into the house where our future and destiny is determined,only that we usually placed our future in the wrong hand, but not anymore,they dont know how we feel or lived,t hat is why they only pursue selfish and personal gains, but only built for our rural communities a solar boreholes that breakdown in two months,and they are pond of it because it is an easy adventure of siphoning our money,the borehole is cheap but costly in their financial diary.

They initiated a constitutional conference with their corruptionist god father, who was recently in the news flying dollars in aeroplanes,from Lagos to Kano,bribing our elites to buy into his project of fraudulent rigging of our collective will.While we refused to toy their line,they are now back to their senses that power and sovereignty of Nigeria belonged to the Nigerian people.

In their last act of indiscretion, they proposed a pension scam,one that will sap our remaining energy,they want to steal more from us,they want to claim change of new convoy of cars in each two to three years of their rotten lives,salaries for their aides, up to 300% of what they earned now for themselves, travelling allowances, health,wardrobe,and shamelessly they claimed it has to be for LIFE.

The grand master of the game have realised the criminal mistakes attached to their proposal,this is after wasting our more than 10 billion naira on the conference,they wanted to change the constitution,on his part is tenure elongation,while that is a by gone issue, the grand master refused to dance to the same tune, knowing fully well he is not going to benefit from the constitutional scam anymore, after all it is a personal and individual gain. They wanted to use that for their pension scam and these did not left out our past governors out of the ring,they are part of the sponsors,they also want life pension after leaving office, they have already built a villa with our money from this scam in ‘Mundubawa’ Kano state.

They seems heartless,taking everything thing for themselves and their families,forgetting we are in numbers,that we should have taken the lion share. That selfishness is not possible and feasible anymore under this government of change,Muhammad Buhari will consolidate our efforts and desires,very soon honourables will be trekking the distance,making the Mr. Honourable job less attractive for the selfish,giving way to the true democrat to serve us,Nigeria is on thread of development, we are going to be better than Malaysia,Singapore, India and many other countries developed in our time by visionary leaders,like our president Elect Buhari, after all we need only ‘one man’ not bunch of selfish lawmakers,but for sure the 8th house will be different,this is because they cannot do otherwise,the time for change is now or never.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]