HARSH: John Danfulani Tells Gov el-Rufai To Take A Look In the Mirror

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai in attendance

El-Rufai: The Law, And The Rest Of Us 

We have noticed that there are groups and persons that have in the past made a living by promoting prejudice and specialising in incitement.They distort public discourse, corrupting every issue, policy or appointment as an outlet to vent religious, ethnic and sectional viewpoints”. Nasir Ahmed El-Rufa’i 5th March 2016.

by John Danfulani

Reasons clinical psychologists and other experts in the medical field advanced responsible for mental and age-related sicknesses are not adding up when x-raying the characters of Mr. El-rufa’i ,his inconsistent behaviour is genetically entrenched. Such situations are described in pedestrian parlances as “factory fitted” disorders. Sad enough, he is consciously pretending not to accept this incontrovertible cum impeccable  reality of his unfortunate situation. That deliberate self-denial of an existing mental ailment has doubled his troubles and added features of a character disorder and chronic narcissists to his person. A perfect description of his version of character disorder is graphically painted in Dr. Robert  Schuller’s  classic book “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do”.

From all indications, his  numero un predicament is dissociative or psychogenic amnesia and defective sense of his history. Otherwise, El-rufa’i would have known that,he was and still a grand master in the art of  distorting public discourse, corrupting every issue, policy or appointment as an outlet to vent religious,ethnic and sectional viewpoint as captured in his riot-act-like speech in Khituk Gwong in Fadan Kagoma in Jema’a Local Government of Kaduna State on 5th March 2016. Pundits that have followed his unguarded utterances and activism for a while will have no headache accepting the truism that his unabashed tantrum in Khituk Going on 5th March 2016 fits into 1902 social psychology theory of “Looking Glass Self” propounded by Charles Harton Cooley.

While opposing Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s regime between 2011 and 2015, he retweeted a blasphemous tweet mocking pro status quo elements that: “if Jesus criticises Jonathan’s govt, Maku/Abati/Okupe will say he slept with Mary Magdalene”. It is commonsensical that when you retweet, it means you are in agreement with the content and intent of the tweet, ipso facto share the repercussion of what comes out of it. Has the act of retweeting a no-nuisance post  not reduced public discourse to a gauge  capable of setting Nigeria on fire? Jesus Christ is the pillar of Christians’ faith, a fact El-rufa’i knows like marks on the palm of his hands . Conscious of that, was a man who has held public office to the level of a minister stoop so low to retweeting such a blasphemous junk in the name of playing opposition politics?

When the army and Shi’ites Moslems clashed on 2014 CUD day procession in Zaria and three sons of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky were massacred, El-rufa’i tweeted ” Genocidal Jonathanian Army Kills Again”. When has Nigeria Army become “Jonathanian Army”? How does being a Commander-in-Chief of an Army converts the entire institution established to safeguard territorial integrity of Nigeria to a personal force? A man of his calibre should know that, President Jonathan do not have an Army let alone attracts his coination “Jonathanian Army”. Where do armies or other branches of a country’s armed forces belongs to the Commander-in-Chief in a democracy? On the other hand, how does the QUD day fracas in Zaria amounted to a genocide as postulated by a man who wants us to know that he is an all knowing mortal? Of the many definitions of genocide by United Nations and its specialized agenci es,which was used to arrive at the conclusion that the Zaria skirmish that annihilated some people is a genocide? Who doesn’t know that his deployment of the word genocide was to sensationalize, trivialize the incidence ? He deliberately judged the clash genocide to create bad blood in the country. Has his bias judgement promoted descent discourse or diverted attention of the public discourse?

Sometimes ago, Mr. El-rufa’i displayed President Jonathan’s photo praying. What was his spiritual verdict of President Jonathan’s prayer? Hear the Spiritual Chief Justice, ” many prayers of the lazy, docile,incompetent,clueless,hopeless, useless leader ” .That attracted a moral uppercut by Reno Omokri one of President Jonathan’s aides on this manner: “It is only a sick and bitter fellow like you that would stoop so low to mock a man praying to his God”. In Christians faith, believers are admonished in several verses in the Bible and commentaries of Bible interpretation experts  to pray, seek, and knock for doors of favours and forgiveness anytime . Was El-rufa’i’s  judgment on President Jonathan’s  spiritual voyage not denigrative his faith? Has that uplifted public discourse or relegated it to a level capable of causing disaffection in the land?

After a few clashes between settlers and natives in some parts of northern Nigeria, he posted this on his tweeter handle,”we will write this for all to read.Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes “.Was that not akin to notices by public relation officers of groups? Using the word “we” is a confirmation of belonging  to the Fulani group that takes law on to itself by embarking on “reprisal” assaults. All situational and isolated definitions of the word “we” vividly indicated inclusion to something. Was that not inciting Fulani against others and others against Fulani’s in Nigeria? Where is the nexus between his public warning of non Fulani’s and opposition politics he wanted us to believe he was playing at that time? Has that heightened the standard of a descent public discourse or lowered it down the pit of indecency, rascality, capricious-whimsicality, and irresponsibility?

El-rufa’i and his team of democratic ethos annihilators have a grand strategy that aspired to seal critical lips of dissidents with the overall intention of hoisting a fascists and nazists style of governance in Kaduna State. He yearned to hear echoes of  “hitleristic” and “mussolinistic” slogans of “Hitler is always, right and Mussolini does not wrong” of the 30s and early 40s in Europe.  Knowing that all species of democracy have  no ventilating space for that, he resorted to milling draconian resolutions in a conclave called State Security Co uncil,and doctoring a repressive and suppressive executive bills aimed at censoring religious activities in the State. The political conclave’s resolution on the so-called hate speech is to quarantine the preponderance political opponents and rights advocates while the bill is to take-on spiritual leaders. The obnoxious and anti-religious worship bill became a must because the clergies are more forceful and principled than most active politicians. Most of the clergies are guided by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy popular quote warning those who caput on the fence in times of moral crisis that, “the darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”. And Edmund Burke’s thoughts  postulating that : “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”.

Charles de Montesquieu opined,”There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” This is exactly what the maximum ruler of Kaduna State intends to do. He must be mistaking because a sizable number of indigenes of Kaduna State have been enmeshed in the spirit of 1961 address of One of the greatest American President John F. Kennedy that  emphatically posited : “In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.”  El-rufa’i should know that the people under his jurisdiction  are fully armed with knowledge of their rights and prepared to fight any attempt at encroaching on their rights using all sorts executive fiats and illegal  means.

We counsel that credible and democratic leaders should lead through the building of trust and marshal effective means of political communication to avoid talking pass each others between governments and the led. Resorting to threat with the sole aim of converting the led to docile followers is a sign of weakness and deficiency in bearing pressure emanating from oppositions and dissent elements. So far, El-rufa’i has not committed knowledge acquired in public service and Kennedy’s School of Government at Harvard  to use from 29th May 2015 to date. It’s looking like a case of the French Baboons. SR