Help! I Have Been Privatized! – Nigerian

Oct. 2, 2013

NewsRescue– I just feel it.

The cabal have bought me too.

I feel like the property of Otedola, Dangote and Elumelu.

My government does not work any more. The little they did in the past, they have sold to the cabal.

My government does not regulate and restrict the cabal.

Petrol, the cabal import and sell to me at one of the highest global prices.

Cement, the cabal sell to me at twice the global price.

Refineries, the cabal are taking over.

Telecoms, the cabal provide me the service at a highest cost in the world.

Even the democracy I fought for for several years of military rule, the cabal have taken over. They buy and what they can not buy, they manipulate election victories.


I feel owned. I can’t feel my hands anymore. I can’t feel my toes.

I look at myself in the mirror and see “owned by Dangote,” “owned by Obasanjo,” “owned by Jonathan.”

Some people argue for privatization, but just like democracy, Nigeria has its unique style.

Privatization, like democracy only works with decent people regulating it. Otherwise, what you get is an illusion. You get the service, quite alright, but for double the price.

Somebody said that we should beware, soon this government that is privatizing everything because it can not take care of anything, will itself be privatized. That that day soon, the Cabal will own the government. I feel that day has already come.

Dangote, Otedola, Elumelu and Obasanjo own president Jonathan.

And when president Jonathan is finished siphoning all Nigeria’s money that he now refuses to use to pay for any further development or even teacher salaries in Nigeria, he will finally retire and join the rank of Cabal that will own the next president and all of us Nigerians.

Somebody help me!

I am owned!

-Nigeria nobody