How Nigeria’s Current Accountant General Deceived VP Osinbajo, Governors; ₦324 billion Oil Money Unaccounted For


In a new report, PremiumTimes upon careful examination discovered a whopping sum of ₦324 billion in oil revenue that was unaccounted for from the previous Goodluck Jonathan administration that the current Buhari government failed to notice.

Mohammed Dikwa

The current Accountant General of the Federation as appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari, in person of Mohammed Dikwa, who was the then Director of Funds, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF), stands accused in the report of failing to document the missing figure in his submission to National Executive Committee, NEC. The gap of over a billion and a half dollars would have remained unnoticed had PremiumTimes hawk eyes not picked it.

Former President Olusegin Obasanjo has criticized Preisdent Buhari who is about 80 years, of not being great in economics. The missing billion and a half dollars if refunded can pay for the difference on behalf of the masses for most of the nationwide crippling hike in fuel prices.

“PREMIUM TIMES’ analyses of the figures revealed that for 2012 and 2013, the sums of ₦143,069,400,000 and ₦80,999,973,000 were not captured in the report either as amounts paid into FAAC or withheld by NNPC.

This mystery continued in 2014 and 2015 as ₦85,601,900,000 and ₦13,908,374,982 were also unreported either as amount paid into FAAC or withheld by NNPC.”


Buhari is not good in economics - Obasanjo
Buhari is not good in economics – Obasanjo

NEC too failed to spot the discrepancy.

It remains unclear why the Office of the Accountant General would present a comprehensive report to NEC on the amount withheld by the NNPC from crude oil sales, yet offering no explanation whatsoever for the about ₦323.58 billion not captured.

Efforts by PREMIUM TIMES to get the NNPC, the OAGF, the CBN and the office of the Auditor-General of the Federation to explain the discrepancies in oil revenue accounting have been repeatedly rebuffed by the agencies.

This newspaper is presently in court with some of the agencies regarding Freedom of Information requests on the matter unanswered or declined by the organisations. Read full report in PremiumTimes