If Nigeria dies, the likes of Femi Adesina killed her

Femi Adesina


I have often said that Buhari’s government is one of the most corrupt in Nigeria’s history, not because Buhari himself is corrupt but because everyone in his government has hidden under the guise of Buhari’s “good name” to perpetuate quantum corruption and evil against the nation. Corruption has become a culture amongst these politicians because of the inefficiencies and incompetent nature of the man at the helm of affairs. Simply put, Buhari is so incompetent a president that a lot of evil is happening under his watch without him knowing?

A lot of questions bares to mind when Nigeria’s corruption narrative under the Buhari administration is being told; is Buhari corrupt, is he unaware of the corruption under his watch or does he simply look away?

How else can one put it? That 98% of states syphoned and cornered Covid-19 palliatives meant for the masses without a word about it from the presidency is a testament to this.

Femi Adesina

If the presidency feigns ignorance, it clearly shows and displays a government that has lost touch with happenings around the country.

Despite, I am tempted to ask, now that everyone is blaming Buhari for the wrongs in the country, how are we sure that the man in Aso Rock is aware of the happenings in the country? How are we sure that our president has been briefed of #LekkiMassacre? How are we sure that the president is aware of what happened on the black Tuesday of October 20, 2020? How are we sure?

From all indications as revealed by the recent expose of the the hidden Covid-19 palliative warehouses across the country, I am now certain that Buhari is not wicked. I am now very convinced that the man in Aso Rock is far from being our problem. If a concluding statement is to be made about the Buhari civilian administration of 2015 – 2023, it will be one statement; “the president surrounded himself with wolves in sheep’s clothing, evil men, vultures and wicked creatures”.

I am a man that is known for saying things as they are without fear or favor. Buhari meant well for the country. Buhari means well for the country. I know this now, but Buhari’s government was and has been hijacked by indigenous terrorists. Yes, they are terrorists because anyone whose actions threatens national security is a terrorist. The actions of these wolves sparked the #EndSARS protests, a protest that is currently threatening the existence of Nigeria as a nation.

Ordinarily, the president cannot be everywhere and may not know everything. The president relies and depend on information fed to him by aids and presidency coffers.

Haven observed, researched and analysed our Nigeria of today, I conclude that our presidential aids are evil, carlos, inhumane, wicked, senseless and above all, devil incarcerates.

One of such devilish aids to the president is Femi Adesina. I say it without water in my mouth that Femi Adesina is among the people confusing and leading our president astray.

I make this assertion after listening and watching his recent interview on Channels Television where Mr. Adesina clearly insinuated that because the president wasn’t making a state of the union address, he had no moral responsibility to sympathize with and address the nation on the Lekki Massacre.

That statement from Mr. Adesina revealed and reveals a lot about the type of advice our president has been getting.

One may ask, is Buhari not the president, doesn’t he listen to or watch the news?

With men like Femi Adesina in Aso Rock, I wouldn’t be shocked if we find out later in the future that the radio and tv sets in Aso Rock were bugged and fed with “photoshopped” signals.

What is not possible in Nigeria? Is this not the same country where a high ranking military officer told us all on national TV that the #LekkiMassacre shootings we watched on the Instagram live feed from DJ Switch was photoshopped? Is this not the same country where monkeys and snakes swallowed millions? Is this not the same country where rats chased our president out of his office? Nigeria under the Buhari administration is a country where anything and everything is possible. So, yes, it is possible that the man in Aso Rock is watching photoshopped editions of Channels, TVC and AIT.

Before now, I believed that religion and ethnicity are some of our biggest enemies. I believed that if Nigeria will be destroyed and killed, I believed that if Nigeria died, then these two killed us. I was wrong!

Nigeria is faced by a new breed of enemies, enemies more sophisticated than the Covid-19 and HIV virus combined. These enemies will more power and energy than an atomic bomb. They are selfish, greedy, mean, wicked, heartless, evil and above all devilish. Their aim is simple; destroy Nigeria and rid it of any good thing left.

They must be stopped and stopped by any means possible or we are all doomed!

Daniel Iduh wrote from the 6th floor of Church Gate Towers, Abuja. He is Physics graduate of University of Abuja and an MSc candidate of Remote Artificial Intelligence from the WorldQuant University.