Independent Scotland: To Be Or Not To

September 17, 2014.


By: Comrade Abdulbaqi Katsina

The people of Scotland are scheduled to hold a referendum on whether to have an independent state or continue to remain in the Great Britain (United Kingdom). The result of the referendum will undoubtedly shape the future of Britain and in greater terms, the European Union, shall they decide to be independent.

Scotland became officially part of the United Kingdom in 1707. With over 30 million square miles, Scotland has over 5 million people as of 2011 census. The country also has about £235 billion as it total GDP and houses several important industrial and military like the four trident armed vanguard, Raf Leuchars  and the holy loch facilities that the United kingdom is proud up.

Though there is still a lot of controversy and confrontations regarding the planned Thursday’s referendum but party men are criticizing the Prime Minister for allowing what may cause the break-up of Great Britain.

Recent polls indicated that majority of the people of Scotland favors an independent state than continually been part of Britain as Scotland is largely growing and might be able to stand on its own in case shall they chose to stay independent.

As for the Scottish, they will find it tough to decide on what way their economy will go. Either to continue using the Pounds, join the Euro or create their own currency. Continuous use of the Pounds may be a little bit safer for them, but England may place a huge economic policies and a lot of control over it. So it is joining the European Union because practically now, Scotland cannot meet the economic demands to join the Euro any time soon.

Starting a new economy is staring from the scratch. If care is not taken, the IMF, World Bank and the United Nations may take advantage of it by sending so called expert to help putting up the right currency and policies and perhaps, devaluation and Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) as in Nigeria.

As for England, its first casualty after Scottish independence is perhaps losing its strategic military fortress in the Scotland. Though I am very sure independent Scotland will never be hostile to England, but England will prefer having more defence near it.

According to the Office of Statistics, Scotland is the most literate country in Europe as it is having many Universities that are among the oldest in Europe. Scotland has one the busiest Airport in Europe and a lot of industries that of economic importance.

Most of the population of Scotland is homogeneous whites Scottish. It is mainly of Scottish background, about 96 per cent. Only about 4 per cent are of different origin, with just 0.2 per cent blacks.

Scotland may become the world’s newest country shall the yes votes suffice the no votes. We will patiently watch and observe the development and see what happens.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina,
Katsina Local Government Council
Katsina State.
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