12 Patriotic Soldiers To Be Martyred As Political And Army Terror Sponsors Dine in Abuja and Chad

Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor


To the families of the brave 12 Nigerian soldiers to be martyred; our hearts are with you. To the brave 12 soldiers to be martyred, we promise you that as you sail to heaven, the prayers of the Nigerian people are with you. We implore you to pray for us. All thanks to the prayers of #ChibokAngels who the oppressors who sentenced you imprisoned with Boko Haram, Nigeria is witnessing the shaming of the deranged oppressors. The sponsors are being humiliated; they are being exposed as never before. They are turning on each other. They are being caught by foreigners and in foreign lands; being disgraced as petty thieves, terror sponsors, mere rotten smugglers in uniform and Agbada. Draculas in high places.

Dear brave soldiers. You did no wrong and truth and Nigeria knows this. We all bear testimony. You went against a partner to the army chiefs who send you out to traps to be killed by Boko Haram. Nigeria knows the truth; the entire world knows the truth and it is not you who were sentenced but they sentenced their selves; by God they sentenced their selves; for the word of the Lord is true.


They embezzled your money for arms; they gave you short rations of ammunition, substandard helmets and sent you to battle in tanks and APC’s  bought in the Shagari era, with no wages and empty bellies. They told Boko Haram where you will pass so Boko Haram could ambush and kill you. They embezzled billions of dollars to provide you air force cover, drones, choppers and jets. They built hotels and bought private jets for themselves with the money for your safety then told you to go and die. The Lord sees it all. The Lord knows it all. Nigerians know it. The world knows it. They cannot kill you, mark my word they cannot. They can never kill your legacy. They can never kill the respect we have for you; the high esteem in which we hold you. They only made you immortal. They elevated your status.

reinstate12They are not worthy to tie your shoelaces; they are not worthy to be the grains of sand beneath your feet. They are not even valuable enough to be the gum that you scratch off your boots. Nigeria loves you. Nigeria respects you. Nigeria cherishes you. You did not mutiny, you fought for Nigeria. They, the army chiefs, the Presidency; they mutinied against their conscience, against Nigeria, against humanity and against God.

They sentenced themselves. God bless you. Lift your heads high and wear your crowns. If all Nigerian could be like you and revolt against tyranny, we would not be where we are today. You are our heroes. You are the heroes of men and angels. You will never be forgotten. Esprit de corps.

What’s said right is inspiration, what’s said wrong is personal error.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian