I insist Nigeria is dancing on the brink — US John Campbell

John Campbell

Aug. 3, 2014

A former United States of America Ambassador, John Campbell, tells BAYO AKINLOYE in this interview that his view about Nigeria has not changed and that the country faces formidable challenges that will either make or break it based on the choices made by Nigerians

Many see your book as a doomsday prediction for Nigeria. What exactly was the focus of the book?

In my book, the focus was to tell the American people how vastly important the country Nigeria is to America. I should add that a few Nigerians who see it as a prediction of the collapse of their country are mistaken. It is a warning, however, that Nigeria’s challenges must be addressed. Nigeria faces huge challenges. The confluence of Boko Haram, upcoming 2015 elections and the epidemic of ethnic clashes leave it as it were ‘dancing on the brink.’

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