Interlopers, Intruders, SAGIP Seize Buhari’s Throat, By Joe Igbokwe

By Joe Igbokwe

Since March 28 2015 when General Buhari made unforgettable history in a political landscape, I have put my eyes and ears on the ground to monitor the events around the President-elect whether he is in Daura, Katsina or at the Defense House, Abuja. All manner of people including those who are claiming to be trekking for the President elect (even though they may not have voted for the General), interlopers, intruders, scavengers, supporters of any government in power (SAGIP), Defectors from PDP, professional congratulators, food is ready professionals, Five Minutes to greatness vagabonds and cheats have not allowed the President elect to have a breathing space. They have no shame, no honor, no history, no antecedents, no records to show, no decency, no grace to show the world except the inordinate ambition and desire to belong at all cost.

They were yesterday’s men who were ardent followers of PDP, those who pillaged and plundered the common patrimony, those who killed, those who preached hate and swore to disgrace the President elect. They sponsored hate Advertorial on the Radio, TV stations and on the pages of Newspapers. They pulled down Buhari’s posters and billboards and cursed the day he was born. They used pulpits to abuse and cursed him as an uncircumcised religious bigot who wants to rule Nigeria at all cost and consequently Islamize Nigeria. They abused his family, his wife, his children, his in-laws, his supporters, his associates as Osus (outcasts in Igboland). They murdered his supporters across Nigeria with reckless abandon especially in Rivers and Akwa Ibom State.

In the South East, these 21st century idiots and animals stole the people’s mandate and made supporters of Buhari to look like foreigners in their own land. In Lagos the Odua Peoples’ Congress led by Chief Gani Adams and Dr Faseun did the unthinkable on a Monday morning in Lagos from the old Toll gate to the National Stadium Surulere. They seized Lagos, abused Lagos, vandalized Lagos, humiliated Lagos and disgraced Lagos and the South West Nigeria. As they marched with Tanks and hundreds of AK47 these unrepentant rogues pulled down APC Campaigns materials on the entire stretch, leaving only their useless campaign materials to stand, and history recorded it. In the South East, the moribund, useless, and criminal MASSOB, an outlawed organization like OPC seized Umuahia and other state capital replicating what OPC did in Lagos.

These compound idiots milling around Buhari today told us that he has no certificate and therefore an illiterate. They told us that he is sick and has cancer. They said he is too old to rule Nigeria. They said Buhari is unelectable. They used money, brute force of the police, Army, DSS, SSS etc to stop him but the man of destiny remained undaunted. He moved on, braved it and damned the consequences. The rest is now history.

Now look at them, like rain beaten chickens, lining up to seek Buhari’s hand shake and favour. Look at the shameless shenanigans swarming like bees around Buhari, pouring encomiums and singing like parrots how they did this or that for him even when it is obvious that they are the ones who tried to tear down the man of destiny.

In one fell swoop almost all of them abandoned President Jonathan who provided shelter to them as Vice President and President for eight years. Since Buhari won the election on March 28 2015, thousands of visitors to Aso Rock have dropped to a miserable level, almost zero. They have also abandoned the Party (PDP) that gave them succor for 16years. Unbelievably they have called the party that sheltered them for sixteen years a forest. Hours on end, they are knocking at APC doors in order to find a place to hide. They have no ideas on how to go and build their party. They have no plans whatsoever where to start. Having been in power for sixteen years I guess they have so become used to power that it may be difficult if not impossible to survive without being in power. Two pictures of Jonathan’s Aso Rock and Buhari;s temporary residence in Abuja which were published on the front page of the Punch on Sunday, May 17, 2015 tells a big and pathetic story of what has become of PDP and its followers after sixteen years. How are the mighty fallen? What went wrong? How did the boastful PDP got to this sorry pass? Where did the rains start beating them? What caused the mess we see these days?  Who will bell the cat? Who will build the new PDP the way Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem?

Where are the men and women who will do this job? This is indeed ugly and at best, despicable. Where is the capacity and strength to do this great job? I fear for PDP. I fear that APC may not have opposition for a long time to come and this is not good for Nigeria.

Now my advice to Buhari is to look above those deceitful and ugly crowds to find his real and actual supporters, the poor men and women who did the actual job. I want General Buhari to talk to Sahara Reporters, Premium Times , Nigerian Village Square and few other online publications. If the story of Buhari and 2015 revolution is a book Sahara Reporters wrote 50% of it. I want Buhari to be talking to the likes of Dele Momodu, Femi Adesina, Peter Claver, Rev Moses Iloh, Rev Ikem Igbodike, Declan Ihekaire (the one man show for Buhari in Agege Lagos) Sonala Olumhense, Duro Onabule, Kayode Abubakar, Ceedon Adinuba, Okey Nwanguma, Godson Moneke, Dr Kelechi Nwagwu and others which time and space will not permit to list here. The President elect should remember that the late Chukwuma Azikiwe worked so hard for him. These are some of the real men I want around the President elect, and not these fakes I see around him today. Another should not work and another positions himself to reap where he did not sow. Advice I am told is like a stranger, if it is welcomed it stays for the night, if not it leaves the same day.

Joe Igbokwe