INVESTIGATION: Borno Governor Kashim Shettima Has Bought All Choice Properties In Maiduguri

Buhari, Shettima


After thorough investigation, NewsRescue reliably informs that Borno state governor Kashim Shettima has purchased and owns all choice property in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state.

Through the Boko Haram crisis, the governor engaged in a buying frenzy, purchasing all quality property and land in the capital; he now owns virtually all prime property on Damboa road, at new Government Reservation Area, G. R. A. and in all other choice locations.

According to a former home owner, when the governor came to purchase his home last year, he was shocked to see that the governor did not even negotiate the price but paid in full first requested price cash-down.

NewsRescue has obtained documents of the transfer of ownership of various of these properties to the state governor.

Our sources have confirmed that the Emirs displaced by Boko Haram have all been lodged in governor Shettima’s many prestigious homes.

Our investigations have also found out that at the assumption of power of President Muhammadu Buhari and Attorney Yemi Osinbajo SAN, the governor frantically has started creating backdated documents of transfer of some of these properties to State government hand to avoid exposure.

Boko Haram-plagued Borno state has benefited billions of naira in security votes which is meant to be used for the welfare and security of indigens affected by Boko Haram terror. However the billions in extra budget funds are largely unaccounted.

While the state governor recently defended himself that he has been buying Armored Personnel carriers with the funds, these have not been seen at the battle front as Civilian-JTF volunteers who have been fighting and dying staving off the capital and other towns from Boko Haram have relied only NGOs like ENDS and on local contributions to buy knives, dane guns they have used. The civilians have complained of no support from the government.

Indeed NGOs and civilians who have wished to donate to displaced persons in the northeast have complained that when they give bags of rice for instance, the bags are rebranded with the governor’s image and then given if at all as campaign tools.

While the governor of Borno who is on record for admitting that he knows the elite sponsors of Boko Haram but fails to release their names because he is “protecting their heads from rolling”, as he says; Borno citizens are complaining that the governor who was the commissioner of the Borno state ministry of finance and economy during Modu Sheriff’s currently being investigated tenure, Shettima now has in his staff some of the same henchmen accused of terrorism like Kadiri Rahis, Shettima’s chairman Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, MMC. Kadiri Rahis is now in the House of Reps under the APC.

Alhaji Kadiri Rahis
Alhaji Kadiri Rahis

Kadiri Rahis’ electoral victory is now in court being challenged as he is known to be a stark illiterate and unqualified for the representative position. He is alleged to have threatened the governor and once when Shettima attempted to make him a commissioner, he walked into Shettima’s office, tore-up the paper and walked off and the governor did nothing.

modu sheriff arrestedFormer governor Ali Modu Sheriff, accused of sponsoring terror and massive embezzlement has always dared the current governor who worked as his minister of finance and economy, to spill the beans, assuring him that they will go down together.

People have been requesting a full state of emergency in Borno with the governor suspended as many blame him along with former president Goodluck Jonathan for the success of Boko Haram over the years.

The same behavior has been reported in Abuja and other parts of the country under the past Jonathan and the prior PDP administrations where corrupt officials have bought-up all the real estate with single individuals from the first-family to directors of ministries and public parastatals from federal to state level owning dozens of properties and entire estates. This means of stashing stolen money is more favored due to the complications of laundering with modern financial tools.