Iran #ImplementationDay

The lifting of the inhuman sanctions imposed on #Iran is a welcome development. It was a gross injustice that was wrong. The #US regime that is a puppet of Global Zionism orchestrated that inhuman sections against #Iran using the fraudulent nuclear weapons threat.
It was the #US regime that dragged European powers, Russia & China to imposed the most server sanctions known to man on #Iran. The fact that the Great nation of #Iran survived that debilitating sanctions & make progress was due to Divine assistance from God. The wise leadership of Ayatollah #Khamenei is another reason. Today #Iran stands on d threshold of history knocking on the gates of a world power.
The question is what next after sanctions?
The insurance & guarantee to peace & security is that Iran build a powerful Military force. Today #Iran is among the top 5 nations in ballistic missile technology, Iran must aspire for the No.1 position to guarantee it’s security. The Iranian Army, Airforce & Navy must be modernize to make any enemy no matter how powerful think twice before attacking #Iran.
The issue of “Resistance Economy” proposed by d Leader should be pursue will vigor so that in future sanctions will have no effect on #Iran. A “Resistance Econony” is an economy that is immune & insulated from external sanctions. An economy that is self-serving & self-sufficient.
Another important issue is unity of the Iranian leadership. Both the so-called moderates & Hardliners are all students of Imam Khomeini (r). These two camps must set aside their petty differences & unnecessary bickering to unite for the common cause of taking #Iran to greatness.
It is important to understand that the US regime hostile agenda against the Islamic Revolution has not change, what happened was method modification. The greedy Western imperialism still covert Iran rich resources & they have the intention to destroy the values of the Islamic Revolution.
Iranian leaders should not be carried away by the smiles of these leaders of Western powers. They are worst than the proxy armies that they created of AlQaeda & ISIS combined. The Obama administration is about ending, we do not know the next war-mongering Zionist puppet that will take over. #Iran must be prepared for all eventualities. The history of Western imperialism tells one that they are not reliable & they are consistent on their set goals & objectives.
I am not celebrating the #ImplementationDay as my approach is cautious of the unreliability of Western powers especially the #US regime. God bless the Great Iranian nation and it’s wise Leadership!
Harun Elbinawi