ISIS Bans Women From Wearing Burkas After Chiefs Attacked By Veiled Assassins

ISIS has backflipped on a decree ordering all women to wear burkas.

In a bizarre turn of events, Islamic State fighters are now banning women from wearing burkas in security centres in the northern Iraqi city of Monsul and have declared the full-face veils are now a security risk.

According to The Express, an insider told Al Alam News Network that terrorist chiefs had changed their mind following a string of attacks on ISIS commanders by women wearing burkas and niqabs in recent months.

It’s understood women will still be required to cover themselves completely when out in public.

Despite then ban in security centres, ISIS expects a dress code of gloves and gauze to cover womens’ eyes to be observed.

The change in policy comes in the wake of the liberation of the Syrian city of Manbij.

Women threw off their niqabs and burned them on the ground after Syria Democratic Forces took back control of the city after two years of oppression under Islamic State. Read full in Australia news corp