Islamic Movement In Nigeria Dissociates Itself From Any Form Of Terrorism And Violence


We have noted in the last few days the malicious suggestions linking the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) with terrorism and violence in several official quarters. Notable ones include the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru elRufai, who in a television program recently, malevolently suggested that Sheikh Zakzaky and the Movement are violent. He went further spitefully to use a derogatory word to describe our leader, with which he hoped we would react and they would use that as a premise to unleash violence in our name.

Yet another attempt at smearing our name was made last week in Kaduna and Lagos, when some paid thugs were sponsored to protest against freedom for Sheikh Zakzaky, linking him again with terrorism, which they have not been able to establish in any law court.

We have reliably understood that there are some grand designs to carry out series of attacks and subsequently attribute same to the IMN.

Having seen peaceful protests in Abuja last week on the occasion of 500 days of the detention of Sheikh Zakzaky incommunicado, without access to his lawyers or medical attention, the security apparatus earnestly desire through the use of two-faced machination of the enemy pretending to be working to free our leader while in fact they mean evil. They have concluded plans to infiltrate our programs and spur violence in order to swing public opinion against the IMN and justify the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and their genocide.

We wish to however categorically dissociate the Movement with any form of violence whatsoever. The Movement has never employed violence in its entire four decades of existence. It is on record that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has never breached any peace even on provocation. This is not about to change no matter the incitement. IMN is not and will not be responsible for any breach of peace or violence that will result from any false-flag plots.

We will continue to employ all lawful, legal and constitutional means to achieve our goals, and would not be blackmailed into submission or surrender. Our timely rallies, processions and campaign activities will continue as at when due and in our ways without fear of intimidation. We will also continue to seek redress in national and international courts of justice as we have done in the past sixteen months.

Finally, we use this opportunity to call all people of conscience to intensify pressure on the Nigerian regime to respect the rule of law and unconditionally release Sheikh Zakzaky.

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