Itanje Dopin Ni Ilorin – Recall Saraki Now

Kwara Must Change is back on track with the recall of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki.
We meet during the holiday in ilorin to take a deinite stand and it was indeed a fruitful meeting. Meeting our friends, families and members all across Ilorin during the holiday was a blessing. I never knew there people at home that are more committed more serious and more ready to lead this struggle. Wow, I am excited.

The first surprise I saw upon entering Ilorin was this giant Kwara Must Change poster. A day before Sallah Celebration, it was a surprise getting to ilorin and seeing a very large poster screaming at my face ‘’ITANJE DOPIN NI ILORIN’’.

I can’t believe my eyes. Everybody in Ilorin seems ready for change, save for the few alatenuje’s.

The poster was designed and pasted by some supporters of Kwara Must Change. It was done with Owo oniru and Owo Oniyo. The same Oniru and Oniyo that will lead the way to recall Mr Saraki and sanitize the state of harmony.

To be candidate, I wasn’t expecting to see such a poster. Although, some of our members had called to inform me of their desire to do a poster, but I wasn’t very sure. For some time, we didn’t talk about it until a week before Sallah, when my opinion was sorted about the poster. I told them there is no need for the poster for now. I recall that I told them to wait until I also come to ilorin for us all to review the situation together before deciding on the way forward.

But more passionate and enthusiastic about the prospect of ending deceit in our most cherished Ilorin, our patriotic members went ahead to contribute their hard earned money to design such a massive poster. I must commend your zeal guys and everyone should be following in your foot steps.

Now that we have decided to proceed with the recall of the Senate President, let the mobilization began afresh. Ward by ward, door to door, polling unit by poling unit.

We now need all the support we can get.
Please, get involve.

The youths are ready to lead, the elders are supporting.