Ivanka Trump must testify at her father’s $250 million New York fraud trial, judge says in shock ruling

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A New York judge ordered on Friday, October 27 that Ivanka Trump must testify in the civil fraud case against her father, her siblings, and the family business.

Following her exclusion from the case, Ivanka’s lawyers argued that she shouldn’t have to testify, citing the fact that she relocated out of New York and now resides in Florida, and that she quit her Trump Organisation employment in 2017. The lawyers also claimed that she left the family business to work for Donald Trump in the White House and never returned.

Ivanka’s lawyers had filed a move to quash a subpoena for her testimony in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against the former president, sons Don Jr. and Eric Trump, the Trump Organisation, and other executives.

However, Judge Arthur Engoron sided with the state, citing papers demonstrating that Ivanka Trump has ownership or managerial ties to some New York enterprises and still owns Manhattan homes.

Ivanka worked for the Trump Organisation, which has been accused of misrepresenting asset values on financial statements provided to lenders, insurers, and others.

She was removed from the case as a defendant in June when an appeals court determined that the claims against her were barred by the statute of limitations.

Ivanka Trump’s attorney told the judge on Friday that state prosecutors had no legal basis to force her to testify.

‘At the end of the day, your honour, they really don’t have jurisdiction over her,’ said Bennet Moskowitz, the attorney.

Judge Engoron also refused Ivanka’s plea to give a deposition in Florida rather than testify in New York.

Donald Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, described the subpoena as ‘continuing harassment of President Trump’s children.’

‘All they want is another free-for-all on one of President Trump’s children,’ Kise explained. ‘They want her in the courtroom so the media can pack it and we can have another circus day.’

Donald Trump and his kids are anticipated to testify at some point.

On Wednesday, the former president testified briefly to answer Engoron’s inquiries about an out-of-court remark.

Engoron delayed his decision to punish Donald Trump $10,000 for disobeying a court order.