Jetting Over the Slums: the Currency of the Cabal


I read in an accessory story of Jesus the prince of peace, that once when people maltreated at him, his disciples asked why he did not retaliate against them. He responded that one could only spend of the currency in his purse given him by his ‘Father.’ He did not have such currency of vengeance.

We act based on who we are and what we know. Buhari and Osinbajo are spending a whopping N7 billion in just one year to fly high over the slums of Nigeria. They need many fancy private jets to feel happy and worthy. But it was their currency before they were elected to this office. Buhari and Osinbajo flew in their or their friends’ private jets regularly before being elected. Additionally, sweet jets for the cabal-run APC-is-PDP, took them around during their campaign. I have never flown in a private jet in my life. My currency is commercial airlines. When you elect me president by God’s mighty grace , I will not fly in presidential jets. I will fly commercial and first fix the Nigerian carrier. I will not miss anything because you only miss what you have had. I cannot miss what I do not know. The cabal fly jets, theirs or those of their friends. They cannot live without that exorbitance. They will fix and maintain theirs before they think of yours and your life.

I wrote in my article “The UAE: A Vision And Love Made Utopia In A Desert,” after my trip to the UAE in 2015 on how “in 1985, with little start-up capital, Emirates Airlines leased two airplanes from Pakistan International Airways to start off the new carrier…” Today we all know what Emirates is and the income and prestige it brings to the UAE. Jonathan spent 6 years and Buhari and Osinbajo have spent almost 3 years in office. What has mattered to them is flying high over the squalor. Jetting above the slums.

It is what they are used to. It is the currency they have. In 2019 Nigeria will get a leader who is used to commercial airlines. Who has the currency and heart of the poor. The cabal must go. The cabal will go by the special grace of God. Nigerian airways must be strong before we spend any extra money on presidential jets. Get ready to see me as president board your flights with you. That is a promise you can take to the bank. This is the only currency I have, and unlike with Buhari “who had no money” or Jonathan who “had no shoes,” you can check my record to confirm.

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