Jobless Youth Cancels Plans To Terrorize Niger Delta To Join #CabalMustGo For Nigeria To Grow Campaign

In Nigerian time it’s still 11:17am, So I will say good morning Dr Perry.

I am a graduate of sociology and Anthropology.

I have followed with great interest your campaign tag #CabalMustGo..I must say that I respect you sir for initiating such a campaign. The cases of cabal control in Nigeria has drastically destroyed the economy of this country, they have destroyed our youths, send some of us to our early graves out of frustration.. They have successfully made this country to rotate around them and their families. Those who don’t belong or have a relationship with any member of the cabals cannot get a good job or a better standard of living.

Recently the Buhari Led-APC government came up with an initiative known as Npower according to them the scheme was aimed at providing Job for the teaming unemployed Nigerian youths which I happen to be among. But we are shocked to realise that some of us who applied for the program where disqualified for no reason. Probably the so called cabals have taken over again.

A lot of intelligent young Nigerian graduates are roaming the streets of Nigeria doing hard labour just because the cabals won’t provide job opportunities for them.

I have always been a youth activist right from my time in college. I feel very unhappy when I see the cabals cruise with their wealth while young Nigerians are suffering especially the graduates. Last week a friend of mine whom we graduated together from the university because unemployment had taken up a driving job in a commercial transport company. On Wednesday last week we received a call that he was involved in accident and lost his life the process.

I was forced to take action against the cabals in a more hard way, if I am sending this message direct to Dr Perry. I believe in the confidentiality of this message. I had to make contacts with some Militants groups in the Niger delta region of Nigeria on how we can launch a major arms uprising from the Niger delta. I had together with the group wanted to put terrifying fear in every cabals in this country.

But I started reading lots of your articles on NewsRescue, then I realised I could use a more legal means to advance a cause than through violence.

Thank you Dr Perry for coming up with this initiative I really want to be an active volunteer in this initiative.

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