Jonathan Build us Refineries Now

President Jonathan, please start building Nigeria several new refineries now!
Build us refineries now!
Build refineries now!
We can not take this anymore. We are tired.
What is all this now?
Why will you not build us refinery?
What is the nonsense of Dangote trying to build refinery?
We can not take this. We will never accept this.
Who owns our money? We want refinery!
This is how we want to spend our money.
We are not asking for nuclear reactor, all we are asking for is refineries?
Niger has built its own.
Why are we being treated like we do not know our rights?
How much is refinery, 8 billion dollars?
So why do we not have many?
What is holding your hand? What is this now!
Please, start now. Build several refineries.
If Dangote builds his, we Nigerians will tear it down.
Do you plan to sell all Nigeria to few cabal?
What rubbish! Ingredients!
You think we are stupid? My friend used to import to Nigeria.
The customs hold all his goods till they spoil to make Dangote the sole importer,
now my friends business collapsed! Do you think we Nigerians are idiots?
And Ngozi, let me tell you, Nigerians do not like you anymore!
We have seen through you. Minister of Economy. You are only interested in yourself
and your Oyinbo boss at world bank. Leave us Nigerians alone.
What is all this suffering? Why all this?
What is there to stand up and do what is right? Are you people ashamed of challenging the cabal?
You are the cabal!
Must we Nigerians hold our head in shame everyday, everywhere?
Simple refineries, we have none working standard and nothing being built.
The ones we have were built gboro years ago and they are the worst in the entire world,
only able to produce 16 per cent of PMS!
What is this now? Three refineries, only 400,000 barrels per day at 40% output!
Are we cows? Give us grass to eat now.
But you add insult and injury to us with this cabal empowerment.
We will never agree.
Can you hear? No fancy grammar. Straight and direct!
Build us 10 refineries now!
Jonathan, build us refineries now!
We are not distracted by all this yeye, fake amnesty.
Suffering is killing us more than Boko Haram kills us.
Suffering is making us fight each other.
Boko haram is here today because you are cheating and destroying us.
Boko does not kill the cabal, Boko kills us. MEND kills us.
The cabal do not plan to solve Boko Haram. They hire them after all to keep us distracted.
Distract and rule. Nonsense! Sheer wickedness.
We want refineries.
Jonathan, build us refineries now. You done hear?
You will not sleep till you start building them.
This is your last advice!
Build us refineries!
I will keep worrying you till you build our refineries.
Please send this message to Jonathan. Don’t let him rest.

by Sule Lagbaja.
A mere Nigerian