Jonathan Has Fallen My Hand: So Na Oyinbo Mercenaries Dey Fight Boko Haram for Us?

Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook


The entire war against Boko Haram has been literally fought by hired hands; this according to recent media reports. And it is not just the Chadians and Nigeriens chattered by the Nigerian government for the 6 week rush electioneering war, but also hands from South Africa and the Soviet union according to a latest report by Reuters.

Nigeria engaged hundreds of mercenaries from the above nations and pays them above $400 a day to fight Boko Haram. The VOA reported seeing a convoy of 30 vehicles, APCs, mine sweepers and other army trucks going north all being driven by the White mercenaries. The agency further revealed that “all aerial attacks are being done by the white soldiers using Nigerian and hired military aircraft.”

Mercenary pilots would no doubt be paid even much more. So Nigeria’s army cannot fight and its pilots cannot fly planes now?

It is a welcome development that Nigeria is at last giving it to Boko Haram. That cannot be over emphasized; but at what cost?

President Jonathan postponed the February elections in what has been regarded as a coup, moving them back 6 weeks to wage a 6-week electioneering war against Boko Haram.

To wage this desperate, “extra-time” war, to redeem his image, the president threw billions of dollars at the problem. Chad was allegedly paid billions for its service. The South Africans are being paid tens of millions as are the Soviets. Equipment bought in the rush were acquired at exorbitant costs with a report by SaharaReporters revealing that Engineer Arthur Eze imported 6 refurbished choppers through an Israeli firm, Elbit, for half a billion dollars; an amount that would have comfortably bought 40 new better craft.

And all these billions are being wasted by Jonathan and the Nation is being further disgraced just for Jonathan’s ambition and as a result of his stupidity. The South Africans were embittered by Nigeria’s move and promised to prosecute the mercenaries who Jonathan hired. And as usual, he does all these stupidly and we first hear from Oyinbo media; he does not even believe we have the right to be informed of what choices he is making on our behalf… like Nigeria is his personal property.

Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook
Foreign mercenaries spotted in Nigeria; img- FaceBook

For years Nigeria’s vigilantes, hunters, ex-servicemen and eager volunteer patriotic citizens readied and gathered in Borno, requesting authorization and government support to engage Boko Haram. Jonathan ignored them (us). The hunters proved their mettle last November when they chased Boko Haram from Maiha and Mubi, but rather than patronize and support them, the Police IG, Suleiman Abba under Jonathan and the defense chiefs’ order, harassed them, “screened” them as we recollect and detained the head hunter, Sarkin Baka, completely blocking them from further missions against the terrorists. It was understood that the hunter forces with their easy success against Boko Haram, embarrassed the army and the Jonathan administration.

Nigeria’s soldiers have for years begged for better equipment, things as simple as “more bullets” and prompt salaries, but the Jonathan government has continued to sabotage the army, diverting billions in budgeted defense funds and delaying wages while combining army units to squander allocations for their welfare. And while the soldiers are owed, Jonathan doles out billions of dollars on foreign mercenaries so as to “boost his personal image?”

Jonathan has fallen my hands. As repulsive as I find the heroin intoxicated “Shekau” Takfiri figure, I despise Jonathan more. Jonathan is more dangerous than Boko Haram. What he does nurtures a culture of terrorism. How he ridicules and betrays Nigerians, how he diminishes our national pride; causes the type of resentment that ignites.

While we all rejoiced hundreds of days where the valiant Civilian –JTF staved off Boko Haram attacks and pursued the terrorists at times when the Nigerian army withdrew; these brave young boys being the main force that prevented Maiduguri and environs from falling to the terrorists, thus maintaining a single safe haven for refugees of the 6-year Jonathan government supervised Boko Haram pogrom; president Jonathan NEVER throughout his tenure did so much as recognize these Nigerian patriots who died for us, talk less support them financially or otherwise.

Not even a word of recognition, or a single penny went to these boys who lost all including their loved ones; lost their right to education; lost their employment, with many making the ultimate sacrifice and paying the ultimate price – their lives – to save their community and this nation. But this same shameless ruler is eager to borrow a billion dollars and commit billions more of Nigeria’s dollars to pay the White man and neighboring Africans who do not know our terrain, to come and do this job he suddenly needs done in 6 weeks for his personal ambition.

4: For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. Continue Psalm 109: 5- 16 for the wicked, the enemies of the poor, suffering and dying people of Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian