Kaduna Governor el-Rufai Is A Very Terrible And Evil Person – Harun Elbinawi

Nasir Elrufai is the Governor of Kaduna state in Nigeria and to further remind us the inhuman Zaria massacre of Shia Muslims by the Nigerian army that took place last December took place in Kaduna state. In the massacre the Nigerian army mass-murdered close to one thousand Nigerian civilians that included women, children and the aged and dumped their bodies in mass graves. To this day no single person is arrested by the Nigerian government for this inhuman massacre. In fact it was those who survived the massacre most of them with bullet wounds that were arrested and were subjected to trump-up charges by the Kaduna state government.

Governor Nasir Elrufai shocked peace loving Nigerians and activists when yesterday (07/10/2016) he announced the banning of the peaceful IMN in Kaduna state and described it as “unlawful society”. His claim that he took that action for the ” peace and security ” of Kaduna state did not convinced Nigerians since Nigerians are aware of the fact that for close to 40 years of its existence the IMN under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky have been peaceful in all its programs and activities. Even after the brutal massacre of close to one thousand of its members and the raining of bullets on their leader and his family by the Nigerian army, IMN have been conducting all its protests and activities peacefully. Then why the ban by Governor Elrufai?

The Nigerian President Buhari ordered the inhuman Zaria massacre and that is the main reason why no body was arrested for the brutal slaughter of close to one thousand Nigerians and dumped their bodies in mass graves. Governor Elrufai is part of the murderous gang of the Nigerian President Buhari that executed the Zaria massacre. Governor Elrufai as he himself confessed in the kangaroo commission that he created that he collected 347 dead bodies of the victims of the massacre and buried them in a single mass grave at the middle of the night. This is a heinous war crime. Governor Elrufai immediately destroyed all the physical evidences of the massacre and according to the Rome status that established the International Criminal Court (ICC) to destroy evidences of war criminal is itself war crime.

The Zaria massacre was an evil imperialist agenda that has the Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front. Nigeria is not the first country that the bloodthirsty Savage Saudi rulers approached with the contract of destroying Shia Islam. They also approached Malaysia and paid close to $700 million dollars into the account of the Malaysia PM. The Malaysian PM did not kill a single Shia Muslim to please the Saudi Savages but in Nigeria President Buhari and his murderous gang murdered close to one thousand Nigerians to please the Saudi Savages. And the Savages were indeed pleased as the Saudi King Salman immediately called the Nigerian President Buhari to congratulate him after the massacre.

The Zaria massacre and the present action of Governor Elrufai is not a Sunni agenda against Shia Islam. Sunni Islam condemned inhuman massacres and the slaughter of defenseless civilians. The Zaria massacre and all the subsequent actions is a Wahhabi agenda. The same mindset that guides all the murderous terrorist groups of the world. ISIS, AlQaeda, Boko Haram etc and that is why all the utterances of the executors of the Zaria massacre against IMN and Shia Islam are the same with all the pronouncements of the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

On a final note, it is a duty on all Nigerians not to allow this evil agenda to succeed. Nigeria has no business tobe part of the Saudi vs Iran rivalry, Nigeria should be a free and independent country. Nigerian leader should not mass-murdered his own people just to please a Savage Saudi King. Most Sunni-majority countries refused to be involve in the Saudi vs Iran rivalry and Malaysia is a good example. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is on a visit to Malaysia as I write.

Harun Elbinawi
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