Kashim Shettima: The Real Face of Terror

Governor Kashim Shettima

by Abuy Abba Akhuwa

Terrorism can be defined in a modern English as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”. Logically, the above definition defines who really Kashim Shettima was. A terror under government immunity. A terror commanding government forces. And, a terror governing a terrorism-free nation.

Considering the predicament, plight, quandary, muddle and the mare situation Shettima subjected his people to, the hunger, neglect, underserved hardship, while enriching his less than decent self under the pretense of ‘fight against terrorism’- Shettima  supposed to be rotten and grilled by the anti-graft agencies by now. Please, who is fighting who? Isn’t it the worst terrorism act to left your people in such a pathetic condition that’ll further encourage them to carry arms against the state in the absence of basic needs to the needy? What’s Kashim Shettima’s plan to engage the thousands of the street roamers in his state?

What the governor was doing is the unlawful use of power (force) by instigating violence amongst the people to coerce the civilians in furthering and widening of his political empire. Let me break it down for you; the use of power by hiring-and-firing who he wishes and against the people’s wish through the use of harassment, intimidation and threat to subdue the powers of civilians to act in a proper and legal lane. It’s no longer a surprise to be tagged a Boko Haram or their sponsor once you oppose the governor’s say. SEE: My Re-election Is A Do Or Die Affair, I’ll Dethrone Any Chief Who Courts The Opposition– Shettima

Baba Kaka Garbai
Baba Kaka Garbai

One of his recent actions was the installment of Babakaka Bashir Garbai (the APC senatorial candidate for Borno central by-election) against the wishes of his party and the people. A corrupt Garbai, who joined Shettima in raping Borno black and blue, also once wanted by the EFCC, is now a senatorial candidate. Poor Borno!

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One funny threat was that of threatening to unseat any District Head who fail to deliver his ward to the Prince Senatorial candidate.

Though the level of our scourge is overflowing, one will always be surprised with Shettima. His actions are unimaginable. He’s no longer trusted by even a single political crony in Borno. Known to be not a man of his word (the recent of which he promised hundreds with commissionership), the high level of deception and lies during the campaigns, empty promises and of sorts are uncountable, unachievable and unattainable by the chameleon govt led by Shettima.

I think it’s high time Borno should discard the ‘SAKKK’ mantra and follow the suit of Gombawa and her sister states. The SAKKK mantra or the Buhari Tsunami that took some jargons, debased and barbarous people to the National Assembly, has already unfolded their real images. One of which the 2 senators from Borno, defy the order of their party by paying allegiance to the senate president, Bukola Saraki, also restoring their full confidence in his leadership-  also against the leadership of the APC and with the support of their governor . What brought this? We voted for SAKKK and for unworthy people, that instead of expecting to vote for credible candidate and getting a better representation that we’ll all be very proud of, we lost both. Good candidate and a better representation. All for the spirit of SAKKK!

Now we can’t repeat that grave mistake. Not this earlier even if we have to. The hardest kick Bornolites suppose to give Shettima is while he raised his hands campaigning for his godson, which will be of recent by-election, a saint godson will abhor the anointing of his unacceptable father. If he doesn’t, he should be rejected as well. And we should reserve the gigantic kick for 2019!

Before Kashim Shettima should again stand on a podium and preach political verses, he should first account to us with utmost sincerity a politician could- on how he spent our almost 700Billion Naira within the range of FOUR years. Highlight some remarkable, exceptional, and phenomenal  executed capital and human development projects. His investments on education, security and infrastructure. Let him not vomit his usual comics of spending 600Million Naira monthly on IDP’s and much more. And forbid him his arranged tears of sympathy outside and smiles of rudeness inside. Let him save it for the day of reckoning while he’ll be dearly in need of them.  Day by day, month by month, year by year, 2019 is gradually approaching. And history as it does to his predecessors, will not fail to repeat itself on Shettima. As they said, time shall tell!

Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa, wrote from the International University of Africa, Khartoum- Sudan.

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