Kogi Governor Demolishes Roundabouts Because He Believes Voodoo Was Buried Beneath


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and deputy governor Faleke’s campaign organisation have yabbed Kogi governor Yahya Bello for demolishing all State roundabouts under the belief that voodoo was buried under them.

Vanguard reports:

“The first casualty of this policy was the Lugard Roundabout right in front of Government House. Other roundabouts in the city have since followed suit.

“Those already demolished are Kogi Circle, NTA roundabout, Paparanda Square, Welcome to Lokoja roundabout, Ganaga roundabout, zone 8 junction and Lugard roundabouts “The allegation  has it that the governor ordered for the demolitions on the advice of marabouts who are claimed that roundabouts harboured charms allegedly planted by past governors of the state!

This voodoo government will certainly beat the imagination of every right thinking person in this century.

“We call on the governor to provide more purposeful leadership and leave voodooism to its occultist practitioners. No state can move forward if its leaders are held back by ancient unscientific and diabolic practices.”

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/03/bello-running-voodoo-administration-pdp-faleke/