Lagosians Beg For Full Ban Due To Fear Of Okada ‘Strange Riders’ With The ‘Fulani’ Nomadic Boko Haram Menace


An sudden influx of ‘strange’ and unrully Okada riders has scared Lagosians and gotten them to clamor for a fulll Okada ban. This as ‘Fulani’ Boko Haram herdsmen unchecked attacks across the nation has gotten the nation on edge and suspicious of the average northerner.

Helen Ese Emore said:

Time to Ban ‘Okada’ in Lagos

It is time to ban ‘Okada’ riders in Lagos. There is an invasion of strange looking men in Lagos, after Enugu where next?
It is time to ban okadas in Lagos and step up security.
Have you noticed how many strange okada riders we have in Lagos? They are all over the place. It is not restricted to any particular area. They are constantly driving against the traffic and quarrelling with their passengers.
It is time for the government to ban them. Please let us raise our voices to save Lagos before we are invaded.

and Emmanuel Ogbekhilu replied:

Ma’am ur warning is so timely. The invasion is not a question of if it will happen but when. I was talking with a friend just today about this same subject he said he’s been having premonition about imminent invasion of lagos. The government need to rise up to the challenge of securing lagos.

Vanguard reports that Governor Ambode is about to effect such a ban, in lieu of the incessant crimes and accidents caused and especially after the Mile 12 carnage.