Late Irene Cara’s Publicist Says ‘Please Stop Blaming Vaccine as We Don’t Have Autopsy Yet’

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Erica Gimpel, a mixed martial arts actress, recently took to social media to express her feelings about the death of colleague Irene Cara, and she didn’t hold back.

Cara died Friday at the age of 63 in her home in Largo, Florida, according to her publicist, Judith A. Moose. She is best known for her role as Coco Hernandez in the 1980 film Fame, as well as her music, especially her songs in Fame and ‘What a Feeling,’ the smash Oscar-winning and Grammy-winning song for the 1983 film Flashdance.

Gimpel portrayed Coco Hernandez in the 1982-1987 television series Fame. Both Cara and Gimpel are well-known for their versions of the Fame theme song, which Cara sung for the film and Gimpel covered for the TV show. They have also written many popular songs about the franchise and have both gone on to bigger and better things in their careers.

I share my thoughts and feelings about Irene Cara’s recent death with profound sadness and shock. Life is so fragile, and it moves so quickly… Irene’s death serves as a wake-up call to “Do what you love!” And to “do it right now!” Gimpel, Erica
Gimpel’s Instagram post about Cara’s death pays tribute to a mixed martial arts actress who took a childhood passion and did her best, despite some setbacks, to make it happen.

Loretta Chandler, Lee Curreri, Debbie Allen, Lori Singer, and Jennifer Beals are among the other actors and Fame alumni who have spoken out.

Irene, your song, character, spirit, and talent delighted and inspired us all. My heartfelt condolences go out to your family, legions of fans, and all of us who adore you. You will live in FAME for the rest of your life: for anyone who sees your performance in that film or hears your magnificent voice – Lori Singer’s
Such a sweet spirit to leave us so soon.
I had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady while she was writing for various films. She invited me to her studio to hang out. We worked on a few songs and told stories. In “Sparkle,” I adored her. I’ll miss her terribly – Chandler, Loretta