Latina Republican rep. goes nuclear on WaPo article, forces retraction: ‘Sorry leftists but I’m about to blow up your BS story’

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Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida slammed a Washington Post article meant to smear her reputation, forcing the paper to issue a retraction.

Luna was accused of lying about her upbringing in the article, which claimed she had a history of identifying as different ethnicities based on what served her purposes.

On Thursday, Luna launched a series of tweets criticizing the article.

“The Washington Post just tried to claim my father was never imprisoned, left out comments from my mother, claimed I was a registered Democrat, did not report a conversation they had with a former roommate, and interviewed ‘family’ I don’t talk to. This is hilarious “She used Twitter.

She went on to refute or contradict some of the claims made in the article with screenshots.

One claim was retracted by the Post.

“Based on an incorrect voter registration database, a previous version of this story stated that Anna Paulina Luna was registered as a Democrat in Washington state in 2017. When voting in a presidential primary in Washington state, voters are only required to declare their party affiliation “According to the article.

Luna has stated that she is prepared to take legal action if the Post fails to issue additional corrections.

“Here come the receipts,” she added, emoji-style.

“My attorney has sent letters to the Washington Post and Salon requesting corrections or we will sue,” she added. “We are also sending to Vanity Fair, Business Insider, Yahoo News, The Independent, and any other outlet that publishes false information.”

Luna also stated that she would appear on Fox News to discuss the story and her thoughts on the motivation for the dishonest hit piece.

“The left despises conservative minorities,” she wrote on Twitter.