Launching The Made In Nigeria Revolution Shopping Hub Website


We are happy to introduce the shopping hub. It is a web-based platform we have developed and test-launched that focuses on Nigerian products ONLY. Every listing must be 100% or considerably manufactured in Nigeria.

Like Craigslist, avails users the opportunity to list their finished and semi-finished products, raw materials and local businesses for patronage by clients within and outside Nigeria. is not a project but a culture; the new culture Nigeria must embrace in new economic times.


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The price of oil, our only major export and source of foreign currency has fallen below production costs. Oil is no longer a source of national income and prices are projected to fall even deeper. It is time to drastically shift. We must face a new paradigm and we need to enthusiastically embrace this new reality. The time for wearing foreign designer brands is over; it is the time for Nigerian manufacturers. It is time to make our own and to patronize our own.

We invite Nigerians to join us and unroll productions that will spur the Made-In-Nigeria revolution.

Let’s get kicking on

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If it ain’t made in Nigeria, I don’t want it.

Let’s Go Gaga About Made In Nigeria Products!

Dr Peregrino Brimah