LEGEND: Breathtaking Video Captures Mammoth Crowd Run To Buhari In Taraba


As the airplane carrying General Muhamamdu Buhari taxied at Taraba airport, the crowds burst forward. The movement of this crowd to welcome General Buhari was electric. Very few people in human history have ever been loved as General Muhammadu Buhari is. We admit, he is a living legend. This video is a world record on tape.

Buhari is known for discipline and being incorruptible. No other known world leader evokes such passion and respect. The love for him speaks a lot about the true Nigerian nature of the masses. Unlike the cabal who paint and keep Nigeria down, the masses truly love, respect and desire discipline, integrity and strength and this is why they love ‘broke,’ humble Mr Integrity and not any other Nigerian elite.

We caption this video: “Mountain of Integrity Moves Oceans Of Men

The second video of his welcome inn Bauchi state, we caption, “When Buhari Comes, The Streets Be Like…

We must add this outing by General Buhari in Bayelsa, the incumbent’s home town

Caption: “Loved By All

buhari walks through crowd in bayelsa

And this would not be justified without the video of the love the incumbent got in his home state

This is captioned, “Booed in Bayelsa