Let Us Together Say Yes To Love And Stop To Hatred

Dec. 1, 2012



Lovelessness is the cause of many people’s troubles. Everyone complains about it. But some people do not know what steps to take, and others regard the subject as unimportant. But have you ever thought that lovelessness is the cause of all problems? And have you ever tried calling on the people around you to say stop to hatred and invited them to love instead? Or have you also been drawn in to conflict and fighting?

Lovelessness has reached such a point that people no longer greet one another or make eye contact. They cannot tell whether the people they are speaking to are honest or laughing at them. This lovelessness among people is also reflected on the Internet. People tend to use expressions of hatred on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Any subject can immediately turn to conflict. It is literally impossible to find a pleasant word or genuine conversation. A generation that responds to mockery with mockery and shamelessly uses slang expressions is growing up. Although most of these people are themselves made uncomfortable by this state of affairs, they never stop to think, “How can we put a stop to this anger?”

Worthy readers, let us all be among those who say YES TO LOVE together. Let us lead the way on this. Let us say STOP when we see hatred. Let us recommend love, compassion and understanding to those around us because love is one of the greatest blessings created by Allah. Living without love is like living without breathing.

People do not come to this world just to sleep, eat, go to work and go shopping. There is a reason for our creation. Allah tests all people. When the time of your death comes, when you least expect it, it may be too late to repent and make compensation. That is because Allah gives everyone enough time in which to heed advice in this world. Saying YES TO LOVE during this time and living by love of Allah is one of the most delightful obligations. Let us love another and be true friends and brothers. Let us warn and condemn those who write and speak words full of hatred. Those who encourage hatred will eventually lose heart.

Living by love of Allah invigorates the body and soul. It leads to happiness. Everything is easy with love. Art becomes more lovely. Science progresses. Politics are easier, and beauty and abundance follow. We must love Allah with a profound passion and sincerity. We must also love His creations for His sake. In an environment where everyone loves everyone else, where everyone protects and watches over everyone else, where people consider others’ needs and always put them first, nobody will be troubled any more, and there will be a climate of perfect ease. Every day will be like a holiday in such a climate. We have all seen to date how terrifying and painful the alternative is.

May Allah bestow love on everyone. May He bestow profound faith. Love and beauty are not hard. It is easy to be one of the people of paradise, to possess the moral values worthy of paradise. We just have to be honest and well-intentioned and love one another. Our Lord reveals the importance of love in verse 23 of Surat ash-Shura:

Say: “I do not ask you for any wage for this – except for you to love your near of kin. If anyone does a good action, We will increase the good of it for him. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful.”