Letter to Bornolites, by Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima

My Dear Bornolites

I tried as much as possible to make this write-up short and precise, for the general benefit and easy digestion for all.

Recently, Gomina Kashim Shettima appointed 720 Special Assistants on various assignments, some beneficial to the wellbeing of our state while some are stabbing our economic growth; sticking as liability to our state, ripping apart our commonwealth for the benefit of few miscreants who exchanged their conscience with some paltry amount. But, that isn’t the point I’m trying to raise. So, bear with me.

The appointments of Honorary Special Advisers and the Special Advisers as well, is not what we’re against as concerned citizens, because the inclusion of some notable figures with tracked record justified the appointment; that’s, if they work to the high expectations we had on them. Which we do hope, they’ll.

But, I’m quite sure you’re aware of the fact that recently, Gov. Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna state had built a word class Information Technology center for I/T solutions in Kaduna state. Ponder this again, I/T solution I said, not a propaganda camp for e-rats. Ehen!

Forget about the recent developments in Kano and Imo states, where above 2,000 graduates are employed in the civil service commission to curb the rate of unemployment in their states as that adds no salt to injury for my Gomina, because he’s blessed with sycophants from left, right and center; who are ever ready to justify whatever His Xxxcellency do without a second thought. Just like how they praised him of employing 300 people in the civil service while our sister states are employing thousands (and who knows when they’ll start getting their pay). That, also, is not where I’m heading. So, please, bear with me!

Let me break the news to you if you’re unaware, in the next few weeks to come, My Gomina and his media team are all set to unleash a deadly cyber attack on social media warriors that had so far kept democracy breathing in Borno state. My Gomina is so worried that despite pumping hundreds of millions of Naira to online, prints, TV and Radio media yearly, he’s still losing the war on social media because some peoples conscience and moral upbringing is so expensive to bargain with, talk more of buying!

Already, their camping location is under renovation and their gadgets and accessories are in bulks coming through the Lagos Seaport. So, expect the unexpected in the coming days as we’re stepping into the final battle of either salvaging Borno or losing it to the monstrous creatures that feeds and capitalize on our bloods.

My sincere advise to Borno youths is to never negotiate social injustice and the mismanagement of our state funds which held sway for good SIX years now just because the elections are around the corner. Never allow your conscience and the future of your unborn children to be bought by a paltry amount or a ‘mere’ appointment that could hardly last for 2 years.

There was a saying that goes “it’s honorable to fail than to cheat…” I implore us not to cheat on our state. The only state we call home; rather, task ourselves to deploy all the necessary and requisite effort to fight our common enemies which are no ones but the people in power!

Engage. Get involved. Ask questions. Demand social justice and good governance as its your basic rights to seek so. And confront anyone that dare stand on your way.

Thank you, brethren!

Malam Abuy.